Veyond Reality dedicated to VR content for smart classroom

PJ Weng, Taipei; Willis Ke, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Taiwan startup Veyond Reality has been dedicated to developing VR education content for scientific experiments since its inception in 2016, gradually establishing a solid presence in the Asia-Pacific VR ecosystem, according to company CEO Daniel Wang.

Wang said that his company has delivered its VR education content to more than 40 high schools in Taiwan, and has also promoted the content to China through cooperation with cram schools and middle schools there. Trisakti University in Jakarta, Indonesia has adopted the firm's VR education solutions as pilot teaching materials for its smart classrooms.

Wang stressed that the firm's Vollege offers a variety of scientific experimental VR solutions categorized in accordance with curriculum needs. He disclosed that Vollege is now the main revenue contributor to the company.

He said that the market for electronic whiteboards is now plagued by price cutting competition, prompting his company to develop more innovative smart classroom applications such as VR education programs.

Wang continued that smart classrooms are not just about installing electronic whiteboards and other advanced hardware, but should also combine VR education content to convey crucial knowledge and concepts in an innovative way, such as digital motion sensing simulation.

Wang disclosed his company is moving to develop education content to be incorporated into standalone VR helmets such as Facebook's Oculus Quest and HTC VIVE focus.