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ECS to present IoT and AI solutions capabilities, featuring LIVA Mini PC live demo for multiple smart applications

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Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) is showcasing its products at Computex 2019 at Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1, L0118 (4F), from May 28 to June 1. ECS will present its advanced IoT and AI solutions and new LIVA mini PC to provide a preview of the total solution.

LIVA mini PC

The energy efficient multi-functional mini PCs are designed for various smart solutions. The mini PC family includes mini-size Q series, cost-efficient X series, energy saving Z series, AI built-in M series and high-performance LIVA One series for different applications, such as smart retail with facial recognition for digital signage, smart conferencing for business intelligent, edge computing for AI solutions and home entertainment for light gaming demands.

The new LIVA SF-110 A320 is designed for home entertainment and light gaming. Moreover, as digital signage is a fundamental component of corporate relations and business in the workplace, LIVA offers a wide range of 4K display solutions to meet the needs of applications that require the high pixel density. It can integrate with digital signage, and used in smart retail solution, transportation, warehouse, and others.

The LIVA edge computing PC with Intel OpenVINO

ECS will also present multiple LIVA mini PC smart solutions. LIVA mini PC features an environmentally friendly design that improves energy savings. The new generation of LIVA PC with AI engine Intel OpenVINO built-in features low power consumption design, 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity to provide the live-streaming analytics solution through real-time artificial intelligence. It supports CNN-based deep learning inference at the edge and data execution across computer vision accelerators.

LIVA Mini PC-Z3 plus with Amazon Alexa

ECS will also launch its first Amazon Alexa built-in mini PC Z3 plus with premium voice activated experience. It comes with ECS Sirocco, a battery-powered voice access point that wirelessly extends voice in entire space. Sirocco will respond to users instantly by connecting Amazon Alexa. It allows the user to instantly play music, get practical information such as the personal calendar, news, radio, and weather. Through the smart connection, the voice smart device can control the lights, home automation systems and smart devices.

ECS smart charging solutions

With the electric vehicle market growing fast, how to satisfy the increasing need of EV charging is also a focus of ECS's services. ECS will showcase its LIVA Smart Charger, which can be deployed as a standalone unit or in a cluster of many chargers sharing the same power source with intelligent load management via IoT. LIVA Smart AC Charger features plug-n-charge, and secured payment via multiple truncation methods, central management for a range of advanced features for the site or fleet owners, and integration with renewable energy sources.

AIoT intelligent edge in logistics and energy

From increasing fleet productivity and sustainability to improving the efficiency of operations and optimizing energy utilization, ECS offers AIoT intelligent edge solutions in logistics and energy domain.

ECS's solutions include smart edge gateways which fetch the IoT data and communicate with its cloud system. Moreover, the pre-installed industrial ECS Edge Builder enables the customized industrial microservices. Digital twins' technologies are helping overcome vertical adoption challenges and deliver new benefits.

ECS will showcase two main applications: one is Real-time Asset tracking solution in collaboration with Intel connected Logistics Platform. This monitoring could involve knowing if perishable goods - such as food and flowers - or pharmaceuticals were exposed to heat that could spoil the product, or if excessive vibration on the road has damaged sensitive equipment. Another is Solar Management System which can monitor the renewable status and visualize the energy consumption which can help site owners allocate the sustainable power with existing power source.

ECS connected mobility solutions for EVs

ECS offers various connected mobility solutions to optimize the driving experience and safety of the EV with more efficiency, sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Smart Cockpit Solution integrates the advanced technologies and driver oriented human machine interface to create a seamless connection between the human (driver and passenger), vehicle and road with much consideration about safety, connectivity, information and entertainment while on the road. ADAS Solution is a camera-based passive driver assistance system solution which includes basic wide-angle HD 6ch BSV camera box to 360 surround view with DVR system, FCW/LDW/PCW also available.

Smart classroom solution

ECS's smart classroom solutions combine collaborative learning technology with diverse mobile devices, which promote interactive exploration of learning concepts and foster critical thinking and deeper understanding. The smart classroom solutions include student devices, teacher devices, wireless access points and interactive whiteboards for deploying intuitive and technology enhanced learning spaces that ensure more streamlined planning and efficient reform. With purpose-built education features of student devices, 76cm drop resistance, IP52 dust/water resistant, retractable carry handle, rotational camera and stylus, ECS's smart classroom solutions help students improve their active learning.

ECS will also present its CMAP (Content Management Access Point), a WiFi storage device that allows up to 50 simultaneous connections in classroom to stream huge numbers of video files, documents and data, allowing students to access them anywhere, anytime before class, so they can have more time to do hands-on activities in class.

ECS at Computex

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