Top-5 notebook vendors see April shipments drop 14%, says Digitimes Research

Jim Hsiao, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0

The top-5 notebook brands saw their combined shipments slip 14% on month in April, a performance stronger than that of the same month a year ago, as Chromebook demand from North America's education sector had picked up and replacement demand in the enterprise sectors in Europe and Asia remained robust.

Lenovo was the largest brand in April, leapfrogging the previous number-one Hewlett-Packard (HP) thanks to its significant Chromebook shipments for procurement orders. The proportion of its orders to Taiwan-based makers also increased, according to Digitimes Research's findings.

HP witnessed a nearly 40% on-month decline in April as the company had underperformed its competitors in the enterprise sector and was the worst performing vendor among the top-5.

Dell, which also enjoyed high Chromebook shipments in April, only experienced a 1% on-month drop in shipments.

The top-3 ODMs' combined shipments dipped 11% on month in April. Of the three makers, Wistron had the smallest on-month decline of 4% in the month, while the leading maker Compal Electronics saw its shipment gap with Quanta Computer significantly widen in April due to more orders from Lenovo.