InforCharge pushing facial recognition wireless charge system for advertisement opportunity

Yihan Li, Taipei; Joseph Tsai, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Taiwan-based wireless charging solution provider InforCharge has expanded its business reach to the multimedia advertisement area and has adopted artificial intelligence (AI) facial recognition technology to maximize the benefits of advertisements.

InforCharge's wireless charging station can be installed in places including restaurants and cafes, and users are able to activate the station's wireless charging functionality through conducting a promotion activity for the places on social media sites.

While charging the user's device, the station will use its facial recognition technology to identify the user's age and gender, and then display advertisements that may interest the user.

So far, the company has installed around 400-500 units of the wireless charging station throughout Taipei and is looking to form partnerships with more stores, such as cafe chains.

InforCharge wireless charging station

InforCharge wireless charging station
Photo: Company