Micron announces its 78nm-made DDR3 validated with Intel

Press release, May 14; Esther Lam, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Micron Technology announced that its 1Gbit DDR3 have been validated with Intel desktop platforms.

This DDR3 is being fabricated on Micron's 78nm 6F² process, which results a smaller die size premium over DDR2 compared with 512 megabit (Mb) products. offer lower power on modules that can utilize either 512Mb or 1Gb and meet the minimum system density requirements of 1GB.

Micron's DDR3 products support data rates of 800 megatransfers per second (MT/s) to 1,066 MT/s with clock frequencies of 400MHz to 533MHz, respectively, doubling the speed from DDR2. The DDR3 supply voltage has been reduced from 1.8V to 1.5V, reducing power consumption by up to 30%.

Evaluation samples of Micron's 1Gb DDR3 components are available to select customers with production expected to begin early next year. Micron's 1Gb DDR3 components will be available in various output configurations (x4, x8 and x16), and will be fully compliant with the most recent JEDEC DDR3 specifications. These components will support module densities from 512MB through 4GB and a variety of module types, including UDIMMs, SODIMMs, and RDIMMs.

A 2Gb DDR3 device is also expected to be available from Micron early next year, the company added.