DTF 2013 CE Summit
This forum discusses how companies can develop the latest mobile applications to satisfy consumers' needs of smart and mobile connectivity.
Tuesday 30 July 2013
Post PC era, crisis or opportunity?
Founded in Fuzhou, Fujian, Rockchip Electronics has launched a full range of mobile application processor chips – from the single-core CPU/dual-core GPU, to the dual-core CPU/quad-core GPU, and to the quad-core CPU/quad-core GPU. Rockchip has provided overall solutions ranging from chips to SOC software and hardware to allow the industry to seize the market opportunities for tens of millions white box tablets.
Tuesday 30 July 2013
A new generation of multi-touch technology for the mass PC market
A low-cost and high-transmittance multi-touch solution is now available for 11- to 36-inch devices, ranging from ultrabooks to all-in-one (AIO) PCs running Windows 8.
Monday 29 July 2013
The world of applications of wireless capacitive pens: A more refined and delicate pen experience
PIXCIR Microelectronics, a company focused on capacitive and touch technologies; and Hanvon Technology, a leader in electromagnetic induction pen technology, have cooperated to promote a multi-touch capacitive pen that enables delicate pen writing applications to a variety of mobile devices.
Monday 29 July 2013
It's good to be in touch
Silver nanowire technology can help reduce the thickness of the conductive layer on touch panels, enhancing the development of flexible panels for new-generation touch applications.
Monday 29 July 2013
Transforming the mobile productivity and gaming experience
Two HD connectivity standards, MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) and 60Hz WirelessHD, are revolutionizing the mobile productivity and gaming experience, unleashing the full potential of today's mobile devices.
Friday 26 July 2013
60GHz multi-gigabit wireless - from I/O, to video, to networking
WiFi technology has become the mainstream for mobile data processing. Industry players have added 60GHz ultra-high frequency wireless transmission under the existing 2.4/5GHz frequency band to meet the wireless connectivity requirements from I/O, to video, to networking.
Friday 26 July 2013
Coolness matters: An equation for low-power mobile SoCs
After acquiring MIPS in December of 2012, Imagination Technologies simultaneously possesses the four key mobile-platform silicon intellectual property technologies (CPU, GPU, VPU, and RPU) and brings opportunities for the heterogeneous platform integration technology of tomorrow.
Friday 26 July 2013
PCs are not dying, just continuing to evolve
News regarding the demise of the PC has been greatly exaggerated. According to statistics, the majority of networked and non-networked consumer applications still run on a PC. It is important to note though, that the trend in devices features and appearance is being recasted, so quality wireless networking capability is the key to the shrinking and mobilization of the PC.