Notes & corrections
31 Dec 2007
We will not be updating our website or sending daily e-mails on January 1. We wish you a Happy New Year!
21 Dec 2007
A December 20 article incorrectly listed Sanyo Visual Technology as an LCD TV OEM/ODM customer of Quanta Computer. Sanyo is the customer.
A December 18 article inappropriately attributed comments about Motorola's planned schedule for the launch its next-generation "Ming" handsets to Bill Chen, general manager of mobile device business at Motorola Taiwan. Those comments were made by market sources.
14 Dec 2007
A November 22 article has been recast to better reflect that the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG) is working on how UWB and 802.11, two independent MAC/PHYs, can be plugged into the Alternate MAC/PHY and utilized as high-speed channels.
13 Dec 2007
A December 12 article incorrectly reported that Silicon Motion has recently seen its MP3 controller chips adopted by Microsoft's NAND flash-based Zune. The Zune has adopted embedded flash controller chips from Silicon Motion.
A November 28 article stated the name of Candor's president as Brain Lin. The correct name is Brian Lin.
A December 12 article referred to the contract price for an MLC NAND flash segment. The segment is for 8Gb, rather than 8GB.
12 Dec 2007
The first paragraph of a December 11 article has been clarified to indicate that Kingston and Elpida are not Taiwan-based packaging companies.
11 Dec 2007
November revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
10 Dec 2007
A December 6 press release from iSuppli has been revised according to a correction notice from the company. Global shipments of LCD TVs with LED backlighting will rise to 771,000 units by the fourth quarter of 2008, up from 200,000 in the fourth quarter of 2007. The related unit shipment chart has also been updated.
6 Dec 2007
A November 22 report incorrectly attributed comments related to Asustek Computer's notebook platform shipment proportions to sources at the company. The comments were made by sources at component makers close to Asustek.
4 Dec 2007
Samsung has confirmed that mass production of its new GDDR5 chips is expected in the first half of 2008, instead of 2007 as the company originally stated in a recent press release.
3 Dec 2007
A November 21 article concerning Oculon pocket-size front projectors has been updated with revised pricing and specifications provided by the company.
28 Nov 2007
A November 20 report incorrectly stated that the China government had invested 2 trillion yuan to replace lighting facilities on national highways with LED-based solutions. The entire budget is for national highway development, of which the LED-lighting upgrade will form a part.
27 Nov 2007
Comments from Hynix have been added to a November 27 article. A reference to the price difference for 1GB of NAND flash has also been removed.
22 Nov 2007
A November 21 article incorrectly stated that Walden International was based in China and that it plans to invest US$10 billion in Taiwan. Walden is based in the US and plans to invest NT$10 billion in Taiwan.
20 Nov 2007
A November 20 article incorrectly stated that PVI's 2.5G LCD plant has a monthly capacity of less than 10,000 units. The capacity of the line is around 48,000 units a month.
15 Nov 2007
A November 14 Stockwatch incorrectly stated that Motech has secured orders from Solar Power Industries (SPI). Motech has secured orders from Solar Power Incorporated.
13 Nov 2007
October revenues and 3Q results for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
8 Nov 2007
In a November 7 article, the word "second" has been changed to "another" in respect to Inventec's status as an OEM for Acer.
7 Nov 2007
A November 7 article incorrectly stated that Lite-On Technology may produce LED backlighting for 15.4-inch notebook panels. The company may produce LEDs for use in backlighting for the panels. The company is also reportedly working with LCD panel makers to develop the technology, not LED panel makers.
5 Nov 2007
A November 2 article had incorrect data in a flat panel TV market share chart, which has now been corrected. The article also incorrectly stated that Sharp's 32-inch LCD TV volume rose 77% on quarter. The figure is for Sharp's less than 32-inch LCD TV volume.
31 Oct 2007
An October 29 report cited inaccurate historical graphics card market share figures provided by Jon Peddie Research (JPR). The article has been updated with correct figures provided by JRP.
30 Oct 2007
An October 25 article incorrectly cited LG.Philips LCD as predicting that ASPs for 52-inch LCD TV panels are to drop below US$2,000 in 2009. The company actually predicts that the US$2,000 price will be for a complete 52-inch LCD TV.
Comments from SMIC have been added to an October 30 article.
26 Oct 2007
Comments in an October 25 article concerning Kingston Technology's response to a SanDisk lawsuit were made by sources familiar with the situation, not by the company.
23 Oct 2007
An October 19 article incorrectly stated that living rooms in North America generally have a dimension of eight by nine feet. The average width of a living room is eight to nine feet.
An October 23 Newswatch listed the ranking for flat panel TV makers in China, not just for LCD TV makers.
An October 22 article listed the title of Gideon Intrater as director for product marketing a MIPS. His proper title is vice president of solutions architecture at MIPS. The title of Tony Chang was listed as Asia Pacific sales director at MIPS. Mr. Chang's proper title is general manager, MIPS Technologies Taiwan.
A September 12 article said a solder bumping line would need US$300 million to build. The sum refers to the construction of an entire packaging and testing plant. Also the "Top-five packaging and testing players" table has been changed to "Top-five packaging players"; and the units in the "Taiwan driver IC packaging and testing house capacities" table have also been corrected.
17 Oct 2007
An October 17 article incorrectly listed the name of Toyoda Gosei as Toyota Gosei.
16 Oct 2007
An October 16 article incorrectly stated that global LCD TV demand is expected to hit one million units in 2008. The correct figure is 100 million units.
12 Oct 2007
September revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
9 Oct 2007
Due to a holiday in Taiwan, there will be no new news posted or email issued on October 10.
Inventec Appliances was incorrectly listed as a contract handset manufacturer for i-mate in previous articles. The correct company is Inventec.
5 Oct 2007
An October 4 interview has been updated to add clarifying information. Following the merger with Chipidea, MIPS will become the second largest design IP company globally.
2 Oct 2007
An October 1 article incorrectly stated that Mosel Vitelic reportedly landed silicon ingot orders from Green Energy Solar and Motech Industries. The company that is speculated to have landed these orders is MJC Probe.
29 Sep 2007
iSuppli has issued an update to its 3G iPod nano teardown analysis referenced in a September 19 report. iSuppli originally stated that Synaptics had replaced Cypress Semiconductor as the supplier of Click Wheel controller chips, however, further investigation has revealed that both companies are supplying chips to Apple.
21 Sep 2007
A September 20 article has been revised to state Applied Materials is interested in having discussions with Taiwan-based equipment suppliers for potential solar production equipment. Discussions are not currently taking place.
A September 14 article incorrectly reported that Inventec Appliances was the manufacturer of the Palm Treo 500v smartphone recently launched in Europe. Asustek Computer manufactures the Treo 500v while Inventec is reportedly working on a different 500-series phone for Palm.
A September 14 article stated that PC-House expects to buy NT$500 million in products from Taiwan in 2008. The company actually expects to buy NT$3 billion worth of goods from Taiwan in 2008.
18 Sep 2007
Taiwan markets and offices are closed for business on September 18 because of typhoon Wipha. DIGITIMES will be publishing a lighter amount of news due to the typhoon.
A September 17 article attributed Nvidia as saying that Asustek's P5NT WS motherboard is Quadro certified. The attribute should have cited Asustek.
14 Sep 2007
A May 4 article incorrectly stated the spot market price of polysilicon in US$ per ton. The correct unit is US$ per kilogram.
11 Sep 2007
August revenues and 2Q results for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
10 Sep 2007
Panasonic has issued a correction to the press release referenced in a September 7 report. The PT-AE2000U projector has a contrast ratio of 16,000:1 not 10,000:1 as originally stated.
7 Sep 2007
A September 5 report has been corrected to indicate that information from the article came from industry sources not Compal Communications.
4 Sep 2007
The title and first paragraph of a September 3 commentary has been recast to better reflect the tone of the original Chinese article.
An August 31 article incorrectly stated that Vizio shipped 606,402 million units in North America in 2Q. The correct number is 606,402 units.
3 Sep 2007
An August 28 interview reported the job title of Ulf Schneider as Infineon's Asia Pacific vice president in Singapore. Schneider is Infineon's Asia Pacific Singapore development center vice president.
30 Aug 2007
An August 30 article incorrectly reported Tainergy Tech signed a technology transfer and equipment procurement contract with Centrotherm Thermal Solutions. Tainergy signed a letter of intent with Centrotherm.
An August 28 article incorrectly stated that WPG Holdings anticipates overall 3Q sales are likely to surpass NT$3.8 billion. The correct figure is NT$38 billion.
21 Aug 2007
An August 20 article about the Biostar VR8603TS21 graphics card has been updated with a more recent photo provided by Biostar.
20 Aug 2007
An August 17 article incorrectly stated that the ASPs for mono-crystalline solar cells with a power conversion efficiency of 15.5-16% and multi-crystalline solar cells with an efficiency of 14.75-15% were quoted at US$2 per watt in the first half of 2007. The correct amount is US$2.80.
17 Aug 2007
An August 17 article incorrectly stated that Solartech had NT$50.99 million worth of products returned. The amount is a reserve for sale returns.
An August 16 report incorrectly attributed comments about the current supply of 2.2V battery cells to sources at Dynapack. The comments were made by sources at Celxpert.
13 Aug 2007
July revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
8 Aug 2007
An August 8 article incorrectly stated that Core 2 Duo E6050-series processors are not natively supported by Intel's 865 chipset. The processors are not natively supported by the 965 chipset.
3 Aug 2007
An August 3 article incorrectly stated MJC Probe's sliced solar ingot shipments will contribute US$100 million per month to the company's revenues in the fourth quarter. The correct figure is US$1 million.
An August 1 article incorrectly stated that Yageo expects to see shipments for chip resistors and MLCCs to 3C markets to double in the third quarter. Yageo expects shipments to see double-digit growth in 3Q.
30 Jul 2007
A July 25 article has been amended to show that Truly Semiconductor is involved in both front-end and backend production of TFT LCD panels and modules. The company also clarified that it does not source TFT LCD panels from HannStar Display, but from LG.Philips LCD and Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO).
26 Jul 2007
Comments from Vanguard International Semiconductor (VIS), stating it has no plans to participate in ILI's private placement, have been added to a July 26 article
23 Jul 2007
A July 16 article has been changed to reflect that Alcor Micro updated that its UWB RF transceiver solutions have completed internal field tests to meet WiMedia's requirements for RF transmissions as opposed to having its solutions certified by WiMedia.
A July 23 article has been updated with comments from BOE Hydis.
11 Jul 2007
A July 11 article has been updated with correct financial figures.
June revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
10 Jul 2007
A July 5 article about the OLPC project has been reworded to use "may" instead of "will" in certain places.
6 Jul 2007
The headline of a July 5 article incorrectly stated Philips would place orders for digital photo frames in Taiwan. The correct company is Hewlett-Packard.
5 Jul 2007
A July 4 press release has been revised with updated information from TPO Displays (TPO).
29 Jun 2007
A June 28 article, stated that Kingston Technology aims to grab an 80% share of the global USB drive market, the correct goal should be 30%.
A June 29 article incorrectly reported Acer released 19 million shares of Apacer. Acer is planning to release the shares.
27 Jun 2007
A June 26 article cited information from a Chinese-language newspaper, which incorrectly stated that UTAC shares may be suspended from trading on the Singapore Exchange for 37.5 days. The duration of the suspension is not yet certain.
23 Jun 2007
Articles on June 8 and June 20 incorrectly stated that Wuhan Xinxin Semiconductor Manufacturing is an affiliate of Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC). SMIC is only helping Xinxin construct its 12-inch fab.
22 Jun 2007
A June 13 article incorrectly said that E-Ton Solar Tech now controls a 100% stake in Adema Technologies. E-Ton's takeover of Adema has not yet been closed.
21 Jun 2007
A May 16 article misquoted Ray Wang as saying Schmidt Marketing's store in Taipei adopted a style introduced by Leica. Wang said that the store is decorated in a "German luxury goods style."
14 Jun 2007
A June 13 article incorrectly wrote the name of Casey Springer as Casey Spring. Mr. Springer's official title is "flow control management division product manager."
13 Jun 2007
A June 12 article incorrectly said He Ching-Yuan (transliterated from Chinese) is the chairman of Nokia Siemens Networks. The correct position for He is the chairman of Nokia Siemens Networks for Greater China region.
12 Jun 2007
A June 8 article incorrectly said Amtran Technology aims to ship 100 million LCD monitors in 2007. The correct amount is one million.
May revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
11 Jun 2007
Intel's statement about plans for its quad-core CPU design in 2007 has been clarified in a June 8 article.
A June 6 article incorrectly stated that Alcatel-Lucent Asia Pacific expects 20% on-year revenue growth for 3Q and 4Q of 2007. The company expects double-digit growth for the quarters.
18 May 2007
A May 16 article has been revised to indicate that AMD will be holding a live demo of Barcelona-based products at its booth, not performance testing.
17 May 2007
A May 17 article has been clarified by removing the classification of "native" when referring to dual- or quad-core CPUs.
16 May 2007
A May 15 article incorrectly stated that Sriram Viswanathan is managing director of Intel Capital. Mr. Viswanathan is the vice president of Intel Capital.
10 May 2007
A May 9 article incorrectly attributed figures to plasma display panel TV shipments. The figures actually represented shipments of plasma display panels.
9 May 2007
A May 7 article incorrectly compared the April sales performance of Transcend Information and A-Data Technology. Transcend beat A-Data in terms of on-year sales growth, but not sales amount.
An May 8 article incorrectly stated that Schneider Electric was based in Germany. Schneider Electric is based in France.
8 May 2007
A May 7 article incorrectly referred to the Xbox 360 Elite in a cost breakdown comparison with the PS3. The correct unit is the Xbox 360 (20GB hard drive version).
30 Apr 2007
An April 20 article article incorrectly cited market share data as coming from Mercury Research. This data was found not to have come from the market research firm and has been removed from the article.
27 Apr 2007
An April 27 article incorrectly stated that Etron aims to take a 80% share of the LCD TV SDRAM market and over a 50% share of the PDP SDRAM market. These figures instead refer to Etron's customers' respective market shares in these segments. The article also incorrectly stated that shipments for new customers of KGD would grow two-fold. Instead, the number of new customers will at least double.
An April 19 article has been updated with DisplaySearch's corrections. The unit of the shipments in the two tables also have been updated.   
18 Apr 2007
An April 16 article incorrectly stated that the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) Beijing started on April 16. The event started on April 17.
13 Apr 2007
An April 12 article has been updated with Micron's explanation about its anti-shake feature.
An April 13 report gave inccorect figures for Foxconn International Holdings' (FIH's) EPS. The correct amounts are 10.31 US cents in 2006 and 5.64 US cents in 2005.
12 Apr 2007
An April 11 article incorrectly quoted Samsung Securities as saying that quotes for 512Mbit DDR2 chips have already fallen to the cash cost level of both Micron Technology and Qimonda. Prices, instead, are moving towards the cash cost position. The article has also been updated with Samsung Securities' latest NAND flash growth estimate for Samsung Electronics for 2Q07.
March revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
11 Apr 2007
An April 5 article incorrectly stated that sales of the Nintendo Wii in the US reached 294,000 units in January. The correct figure is 436,000 units.
5 Apr 2007
Due to a holiday in Taiwan on April 6, we will not be updating our website or be sending out our daily email.
2 Apr 2007
An April 2 article stated that PVI would phase out of the panel market. The company instead is focusing on niche panel applications while reducing its presence in the mainstream panel market.
27 Mar 2007
A March 26 article has been updated to indicate the correct title of JVC's Ryuhei Nakazawa.
A March 26 article incorrectly quoted Hsing C Tuan as saying a 4.5G substrate can be cut into 250 million 2.5-inch panels. The correct number is 250 panels.
A March 26 article incorrectly stated that A-Data announced it will issue 990 million new shares. The correct amount is nine million.
26 Mar 2007
A February 13 article incorrectly stated Chi Mei Communication Systems (CMCS) was showcasing the HP iPaq 510 at the 3GSM World Congress. The product was featured in the Microsoft booth.
A March 22 article incorrectly reported that Suntech projects its ASP in 2007 will drop by 15%. The correct figure is 5-7%.
22 Mar 2007
A March 21 article incorrectly stated Motorola is resuming ODM production with Arima Communications. The correct company is Compal Communications.
15 Mar 2007
A March 13 article incorrectly cited DisplaySearch as making panel shipment forecasts for AU Optronics (AUO). The forecasts were AUO's own shipment targets.
A March 14 article incorrectly stated Acer plans to display 5-6 new notebooks at CeBIT based on its Folio ID. The company plans to display 5-6 notebooks based on a new ID. 
A March 14 article incorrectly listed the URL of Pixnet as The correct URL is
14 Mar 2007
A March 13 article incorrectly stated that Sony DADC produces pre-recorded HD DVD discs.
12 Mar 2007
February revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
6 Mar 2007
A February 16 article misspelled the name of GSMC's executive VP. The correct spelling is Arthur Kuo.
15 Feb 2007
During the Chinese New Year holiday (Feb 19 - Feb 23), will not be sending out its daily newsletter. Happy New Year!
12 Feb 2007
January revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
9 Feb 2007 will be moving to a new office location on February 10. Please check here for our new contact information.
8 Feb 2007
A February 5 article incorrectly stated that Quanta will ship 10 million units under the OLPC program in 2007 and cited Barry Lam as the source. The shipment figure is for a one year period starting from June 2007 and came from Taiwan-based media.
2 Feb 2007
A January 29 article has been recast to more accurately translate the Chinese statements made by SMIC CEO Richard Chang during an interview with DigiTimes.
1 Feb 2007
A January 31 article incorrectly stated SPIL's 2007 capex would be NT$1 billion. The correct capex amount should be NT$10 billion.
31 Jan 2007
Due to unexplained inconsistencies, China's PC monitor production totals have been removed from press releases provided by China's Ministry of Information Industry.
30 Jan 2007
A January 26 article has been clarified to state that HTC is reportedly developing its first UMPC. HTC's Athena device, technically, is not an UMPC.
24 Jan 2007
A January 23 article from WitsView Technology incorrectly said Panasonic's 50- and 55-inch PDP TV were all full HD capable. The research firm has corrected the sizes to 50 and 58 inches.
A January 18 article incorrectly attributed comments to Texas Instruments (TI) Asia. The comments were made by sources at the company.
A January 23 article concerning SanDisk and Toshiba 56nm-made NAND flash chips has been updated with information from both companies.
19 Jan 2007
On January 20, we may experience interruption in service from 18:00-24:00 Taiwan time, due to server maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience.
16 Jan 2007
In a January 9 article, pricing for Ritek solid-state drives has been clarified.
A January 16 article incorrectly attributed revenue growth targets for KYEC to company chairman Chin-Kung Lee. The forecasts were made by sources at the company.
11 Jan 2007
December revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
10 Jan 2007
A January 10 article incorrectly stated that AOpen has developed a car PC with Toyota. The correct company is Fortune Motors not Toyota.
8 Jan 2007
A January 4 article has been recast to clarify information about SED's production and manufacturing schedules.
5 Jan 2007
A January 2 article indicated that several of the founding members of the ONFI working group were no longer listed in the membership section on the ONFI website. The ONFI website has since been updated, and now once again includes the original members.
A December 27 article incorrectly stated that Philips has reduced the royalty rate for each DVD disc to US$0.35. The correct rate is US$0.035.
4 Jan 2007
A January 3 article incorrectly listed the measurement unit of polycarbonate in tons. The the correct unit should be kilograms.