TSMC updates
Foundry house TSMC plays a crucial role in the semiconductor sector, and the world economy in general.
Tuesday 28 November 2023
Pace of recovery to vary for different semiconductor sectors and firms
The semiconductor industry is expected to rebound in 2024, but the pace of recovery will vary from sector to sector and company to company, according to industry sources.
Monday 27 November 2023
IC design houses grapple with unrelenting price-reduction pressures from customers and high raw material costs
While positive about their revenue performance returning to a growth track with high expectations for an economic upswing in 2024, most IC design houses in Taiwan continue to face...
Friday 24 November 2023
TSMC and JCET expressed contrasting views on chiplet development
At the recently concluded 2023 China International Semiconductor Summit held in Shanghai, senior executives from JCET and TSMC both emphasized the role of advanced packaging, yet...
Friday 24 November 2023
TSMC, MediaTek to present neural vision enhancement papers at ISSCC 2024
Individual and collaborative efforts of TSMC and MediaTek are to mark Taiwan's representation at the upcoming 2024 International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC).
Friday 24 November 2023
Chinese EV makers seeking partners for advanced chip development
More Chinese electric vehicle (EV) businesses are developing advanced sub-7nm chips in-house and are looking to Taiwan for ASIC and foundry partners, according to industry sources...
Thursday 23 November 2023
Equipment maker All Ring to embrace strong sales growth in 2024
Fab toolmaker All Ring Tech, which is reportedly involved in the supply chain for TSMC's chip-on-wafer-on-substrate (CoWoS) packaging, is expected to post significant revenue growth...
Thursday 23 November 2023
Restricting TSMC benefits SMIC, multi-patterning prohibitively costly, said lithography guru
With the ongoing US-China tensions, Huawei exemplified its ability to make 7nm chips without EUV equipment, and chip guru Burn Lin believes it's not surprising for Huawei to achieve...
Wednesday 22 November 2023
Microsoft leverages TSMC's one-stop service for in-house developed chip
TSMC not only offers advanced process manufacturing but also its advanced packaging for the recently released Microsoft Azure Maia 100 AI accelerator, according to industry sources...
Tuesday 21 November 2023
Generative AI is all the rage, who can monetize from the trend?
Global opportunities in the generative AI (GenAI) application market have exploded with the rise of ChatGPT, leading to a substantial increase in demand for AI-related hardware and...
Monday 20 November 2023
German reliance on 'special funds' highlights the challenge of sustainable investment
Following a November 15 decision from Germany's Federal Constitutional Court against the transferring of EUR60 billion - granted during the Covid-19 pandemic but unspent in fiscal...
Monday 20 November 2023
Samsung jumps into AI, set to unveil cutting-edge 3D packaging tech in 2024
With the surging demand for advanced semiconductors powering generative AI and end-user device AI, Samsung Electronics is reportedly set to launch its 3D packaging technology in 2024,...
Monday 20 November 2023
TSMC capacity utilization may rebound to 80% in 1H24 on rising demand for advanced processes
TSMC's capacity utilization rate is estimated to pick up slowly through the end of 2023 and rebound to 80% in the first half of 2024, and its US dollar revenue performance this year...
Monday 20 November 2023
Weekly news roundup: Samsung reportedly to produce 4nm chips for AMD and other top stories
These are the most-read stories during the week of November 13-17:
Friday 17 November 2023
TSMC secures 5nm AI chip orders from Microsoft
TSMC has received AI chip orders from major cloud service providers (CSP), including Microsoft's 5nm chip orders, according to industry sources.
Thursday 16 November 2023
Are German state aids for Intel and TSMC in jeopardy?
Latest ruling from Germany's constitutional court might have jeopardized the country's semiconductor subsidies policy, with the aids planned for Intel and TSMC hanging by a thread.