Friday 6 October 2023
With AMD acquiring Xilinx, why is Intel willing to let go of Altera?
AMD CEO Lisa Su recently suggested that an "economic moat" has yet to form in the AI sector, hinting that Nvidia's leading...
Monday 31 July 2023
TSMC reportedly invited to set up CoWoS packaging capacity in US, Japan
In light of the severe shortage of CoWoS (chip-on-wafer-on-substrate) packaging capacity for AI GPUs now in hot demand, the US and Japan reportedly are aggressively re-inviting TSMC...
Friday 14 July 2023
Backend fab toolmakers see short lead-time orders from TSMC
TSMC has stepped up its pace of orders with backend equipment suppliers, as the foundry commences its chip-on-wafer-on-substrate (CoWoS) packaging capacity expansion plan, according...
Thursday 29 June 2023
TSMC to see fab utilization rates rise substantially
Pure-play foundry TSMC will see its fab utilization rates, notably for sub-7nm process manufacturing, rise substantially in the second half of this year, according to sources at fab...
Friday 3 March 2023
Semiconductor market in decline despite record 2022
The semiconductor market ascended to an all-time high in 2022, with total revenue reaching US$595.7 billion, just surpassing the previous year's record revenue of US$592.8 billion...
Monday 30 January 2023
AMD adaptive computing technology enables next-gen Denso LiDAR system
AMD announced recently that its adaptive computing technology is powering Denso's next-generation LiDAR platform to deliver over 20X improvement in resolution with extremely low latency...
Monday 8 August 2022
PC chipmakers Intel, AMD, Nvidia lower shipment goals amid sluggish demand
Major PC core chips suppliers Intel, AMD and Nvidia have all revised downward their 2022 shipment or revenue projections along with brand device vendors successively lowering their...
Friday 20 May 2022
IC test solutions providers see orders for HPC chips boom
IC test solutions providers including Chunghwa Precision Test Tech (CHPT), MPI and WinWay Technology have seen a strong influx of probe card and final-test socket orders for HPC processors,...
Wednesday 11 May 2022
Industrial IC prices rise on tight supply
Industrial-control IC prices have risen amid tight supply, according to sources at IC distributors.
Wednesday 19 January 2022
Taiwan ABF substrate makers eyeing new profits with new capacities
Taiwan-based ABF substrate suppliers expect the activation of new production capacities later this year and in 2023 to boost their profits amid tight supplies, according to industry...
Monday 1 November 2021
Samsung sets to triple foundry capacity by 2026, sparking concerns about potential risks
Samsung Electronics has recently disclosed plans to triple its foundry production capacity by 2026 amid global chip shortage disrupting production in key industries from automobiles...
Thursday 7 October 2021
Global server shipment forecast, 2022 and beyond


Friday 1 October 2021
Highlights of the day: STMicro, Xilinx chip prices to rise
A new wave of price hikes among chip vendors is looming as STMicro and Xilinx have both told clients their product...
Friday 1 October 2021
STMicro, Xilinx to raise chip prices in 4Q21
STMicroelectronics and Xilinx have both notified their clients about price increases for their chip solutions starting the fourth quarter of 2021, which is expected to fuel a new...
Wednesday 29 September 2021
Chip M&A deals reach US$22 billion in first 8 months of 2021
After a record-high start in the first quarter of 2021, semiconductor merger and acquisition announcements cool off a bit without the "megadeals" seen in 2020, according to IC Insi...