Tuesday 28 November 2023
AI servers propel 2024 growth for downstream electronics firms post GPU shortages
The ICT industry is slowly heading towards recovery, with AI servers emerging as the standout performer. Foxconn notes that the primary growth engine for 2024 is cloud servers, particularly...
Tuesday 21 November 2023
Navigating the ESG frontier: AI datacenter supply chain embracing green energy
Data centers, once labeled as "energy monsters," are facing heightened scrutiny due to the increasing water and electricity demands driven by artificial intelligence (AI). In response...
Monday 20 November 2023
Global server market, 3Q 2023


Wednesday 8 November 2023
Taiwanese ODM Wiwynn sees AI server revenue share growth and secures big-ticket clients
Wiwynn, a server ODM, revealed in its online earnings call on November 7th that demand for AI servers is robust, and it projects that demand for both general-purpose and AI servers...
Tuesday 7 November 2023
Wiwynn to build new factory in southern Taiwan
ODM server Wiwynn has announced plans to build a new plant in Tainan, southern Taiwan, as part of its continued commitment to invest in data center technology to address the rising...
Tuesday 17 October 2023
Nvidia CEO meets server ODMs in Taiwan
Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang is in Taiwan to meet with the company's server ODM partners, with the supply of Nvidia's H100 chips expected to be at the forefront of discussions.
Friday 13 October 2023
Wiwynn's Malaysia site begins phase 1 mass production; phase 2 set to be completed in 2H24
On October 12, Wiwynn held the opening ceremony for its phase 1 server unit assembly factory at Senai Airport City in Johor, Malaysia. Phase 2, a motherboard production line, is also...
Monday 2 October 2023
AI server shipments herald bright future
Quanta chairman Barry Lam has been astonished by the orders placed by AI customers, and as client-side computing power sees a five to ten-fold increase every two years, hardware manufacturers...
Tuesday 12 September 2023
ODMs agree GPU availability is key to AI server delivery
Server ODMs have begun large-scale shipments of AI servers equipped with Nvidia's H100 GPU in the third quarter; however, a shortfall in GPU supply may impact their deliveries, according...
Tuesday 22 August 2023
Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia compete for second wave of server supply chain migration
The US-China trade war triggered the first wave of the electronic industry's moving out from China. The continued tension between Taiwan and China is now driving the second wave of...
Friday 11 August 2023
ODMs see Nvidia GPU shortage curb AI server shipments
ODMs including Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), Wiwynn, and Giga Computing have experienced delays in fulfilling AI server orders due to the ongoing GPU shortage at Nvidia, according...
Wednesday 9 August 2023
Wiwynn diversifies primary customer base
Wiwynn has stepped up efforts to diversify its main customer base, with its third largest customer poised to contribute over 10% to its total revenue by the end of this year, according...
Tuesday 8 August 2023
Server ODMs see bleak prospects for general-purpose server shipments in 2H23
Shipments of general-purpose servers are falling faster than anticipated thanks to a shift in focus to AI servers, prompting ODMs to be concerned about shipment prospects for the...
Tuesday 1 August 2023
ODMs look to AI servers for profit growth
ODMs are looking to kick off AI server shipments in the second half of this year, which they believe will be a new driver of profit growth, according to sources in the server indus...
Wednesday 21 June 2023
Wiwynn adopts Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability for better carbon emission management efficiency
Taiwan's major server manufacturer Wiwynn Corp disclosed its recent adoption of Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability service which is expected to improve the efficiency of carbon emission...