Wednesday 28 June 2023
US to consider additional sanctions on AI chip exports to China

With the rise of generative AI applications like ChatGPT and AI's increasing importance, the US is considering additional sanctions on exports...

Friday 26 May 2023
Chipmakers exhausted by escalating US-China trade tensions
The escalating trade tensions between the US and China are wearing on chipmakers, and big companies like Intel and Nvidia have recently expressed their desire to defuse the situati...
Wednesday 24 May 2023
Quit the geopolitical conspiracy theory on Oppo's chip design flop
Chinese smartphone maker Oppo disbanded its chip design house Zeku in May, stimulating commentary on Zeku being the latest victim of the US-China chip war among the media in China...
Monday 22 May 2023
In response to US sanctions, Chinese telecom providers have increased ratio of local servers used
With government departments paying more attention to internet security and trying hard to reduce the impact of US export sanctions, China has been encouraging government agencies,...
Monday 22 May 2023
China bans Micron's products in critical IT infrastructure
After a review of nearly two months, China decided to require critical IT operators to cease buying Micron's products, with its ramifications potentially expanding outside of its...
Thursday 4 May 2023
Micron may see server SSD sales hit first by China ban
China has launched a cybersecurity investigation into Micron Technology, raising the possibility of a ban on the US memory vendor's product sales in the country.
Thursday 27 April 2023
Should Samsung and SK Hynix fill gap left behind by Micron? Korean memory makers face another dilemma
Previously, it was rumored that the US had requested South Korea to not fill in the demand gap left behind after Micron got sanctioned by China. Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix are...
Tuesday 25 April 2023
SK Hynix to postpone volume production of new NAND plant in China
SK Hynix will postpone the volume production of its second NAND plant in Dalian, northeastern China, according to reports from Korean news media.
Tuesday 25 April 2023
TSMC lands advanced chip orders shifted from China
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has gained advanced chip orders shifted from Semiconductor Manufacturing International (SMIC) and other China-based foundries, which...
Thursday 20 April 2023
China IC alliance calls for long-term planning for semiconductor industry
China's Integrated Circuit Industry Technology Innovation Alliance (ICTIA) has called for long-term planning for the development of the country's semiconductor industry, instead of...
Wednesday 12 April 2023
China's focus on mature node IC technology may provide it a bargaining advantage
China's focus on the development of mature-node process technology for ICs may provide it with a bargaining advantage, according to industry observers.
Thursday 30 March 2023
South Korea passes its 'Chips Act' amid US-China friction
South Korea's parliament easily approved a bill Thursday to boost the country's powerhouse semiconductor industry by giving firms tax breaks to spur investments.
Thursday 30 March 2023
China remains committed to chip self-sufficiency
China may fall short of its goal of increasing IC self-sufficiency to 70% by 2025 due to tougher export restrictions imposed by the US, but it stays committed to chip self-sufficiency,...
Monday 27 March 2023
Geopolitical situation between US and China affects HPC market vibes
With the rise of OpenAI's ChatGPT and Baidu's Ernie Bot, the prospects of the high-performance computing (HPC) chip market look good. However, the HPC chip delivery situation has...
Thursday 23 March 2023
IC Design White Paper (5): China's semiconductor strategy and development trends
China has had a long history of supporting its semiconductor development with industrial policies. The "Outline for advancing the national IC industry" announced in 2014 upgraded...
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