Monday 23 October 2023
Qisda chairman: Taiwan needs startup platforms
In recent years, Qisda has been promoting its large fleet platforms. Among them, the rapid growth of the healthcare sector made it one of the main contributors to the group's substantial...
Friday 1 September 2023
AI unicorn PFN to develop Japanese-centric generative AI with ABCI supercomputer support
Japanese AI unicorn Preferred Network (PFN), after announcing in June its plans to develop a purely Japanese generative AI and related large language model (LLM), has recently gained...
Wednesday 9 August 2023
Chinese RISC-V startups rise as market darlings, jostle for venture capital funds
Throughout the history of instruction set architectures (ISA), the once-dominant x86 architecture encountered stiff competition from Arm architecture in smartphone era. Now, it appears...
Tuesday 13 June 2023
India's US$5 billion unicorn to revive IPO plan for ambitious expansion
As Ola Electric products continue to dominate India's electric two-wheeler (E2W) market, the US$5 billion company is looking to make a comeback regarding its IPO plan amid ambitious...
Tuesday 6 June 2023
Chinese unicorn claims breakthrough with all-weather EV battery
A Chinese battery startup claims to have overcome one of the key sticking points for electric car owners — the loss of power capability and range in cold climates.
Monday 22 May 2023
Major carmakers, unicorn startups trimming software manpower to cut costs
Global autonomous vehicle unicorn startups and major carmakers have been on track to lay off employees in the underperforming departments since the second quarter of the year, especially...
Monday 12 December 2022
China-based unicorn Nanjing SemiDrive Technology finishes Series B+ financing
Nanjing SemiDrive Technology (SemiDrive), a China-based unicorn specialized in automotive SoC design, completed Series B+ financing round in late November 2022, raising CNY1.0 billion...
Monday 18 July 2022
China revving up homegrown GPU development
GPU chips, with their powerful parallel computing capability and excellent programmability, are becoming an area of intense competition among semiconductor players, and many fabless...
Tuesday 29 March 2022
Industry watch: Unicorn raising is affordable only in China and US
DIGITIMES has long tracked the changes and moves of global unicorn enterprises. We've come to realize that it is difficult for small and medium-sized countries with limited market...
Friday 18 March 2022
RISC-V unicorn: Q&A with SiFive SVP Jack Kang
SiFive, a fabless semiconductor company and provider of open-source RISC-V processor designs, announced on March 16 that it has raised US$175 million in a Series F financing round,...
Thursday 24 February 2022
French unicorn partnering with iProspect Taiwan, pushing retail media
French ad-tech unicorn Criteo on February 22 announced its alliance with performance marketing firm iProspect Taiwan, aiming to create a retail media platform in Taiwan.
Monday 21 February 2022
Industry watch: Unicorns from Africa
According to CB Insights, there are more than 900 unicorn companies worldwide, with seven in Africa, four of which appeared during January-September 2021. The funds collected by African...
Friday 15 October 2021
Supply chain flexibility is crucial, says Cheney Wang, VP of supply chain and Taiwan GM of Latch
Latch was founded in 2014 by a group of former Apple employees and began trading on Nasdaq on June 7th, 2021 under LTCH. Through a SPAC listing, it raised $453 million and values...