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  • dram
    Contract market prices for PC- and server-use DRAM memory will rise about 10% in May alone, despite a recent slowdown in the spot market price growth, according to sources at memory...
  • ssd
    China-based cryptomining hardware makers are "panic buying" all the available large-capacity SSDs from the spot market, according to industry sources.
  • Prices+of+8%2Dinch+silicon+wafers+are+unlikely+to+change+in+the+short+term
    Demand for 8-inch silicon wafers has been rising significantly along with increasingly tight capacity supply at foundry fabs, but prices for such wafers are not expected to rise in...
  • foundry
    TSMC, United Microelectronics (UMC), Vanguard International Semiconductor (VIS) and Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing (PSMC) continue to run at full capacity for their 28nm and...
  • DDR3 memory shortage worsens

    Friday 12 March 2021
    Global supply of DDR3 chips has fallen short of demand by at least over 30,000 wafers, which has been pushing up pricing for the memory, according to industry sources.
  • DRAM prices to rise through 2Q21

    Wednesday 13 January 2021
    DRAM contract market prices have risen 5-10% in the first quarter of 2021, and will continue their rally in the second quarter, according to sources at memory module makers.
  • GlobalWafers+chairperson+Doris+Hsu
    GlobalWafers has run all its production lines for 12-, 8- and 6-inch silicon wafers at full capacity, according to company chairperson Doris Hsu. The silicon wafer supplier plans...
  • DRAM spot prices surge

    Tuesday 22 December 2020
    Spot market prices for DRAM memory have surged recently and reached levels that are over 20% higher than contract market prices, according to sources at memory module houses.
  • DRAM+contract+prices+to+rise+in+1Q21
    DRAM spot prices will start rising in the second half of December, with the rally set to persist through January 2021, according to industry sources.
  • Memory
    Spot market prices for specialty DRAM and NOR flash memory have begun to rise recently to reflect rising manufacturing costs, with the price rally set to persist through the second...
  • DRAM spot prices about to rally

    Thursday 3 December 2020
    Spot market prices for DRAM memory are about to rally on an anticipated pick-up in end-market demand, according to sources at memory module makers.
  • Silicon+wafer+suppliers+see+8%2Dinch+foundry+demand+surge
    Pure-play foundries including Globalfoundries, United Microelectronics (UMC) and Vanguard International Semiconductor (VIS) have raised their 8-inch foundry quotes by 10-15% in the...
  • Memory spot prices stop rising

    Wednesday 4 November 2020
    Memory spot market prices have stopped rising since November, probably an indication of demand weakness as a whole, according to sources at memory module makers.
  • SSD+and+DRAM+module+sales+disappoint+in+China
    Despite a continued rally in memory spot market prices, channel distributors in China continue to see disappointing SSD and DRAM module sales, according to sources at memory module...
  • Memory ASPs may stop falling in 1Q21

    Wednesday 30 September 2020
    Memory ASPs are likely to fall through the fourth quarter of 2020, but there are signs that they will stabilize in the following quarter, according to sources at memory module make...
  • NAND+flash+prices+under+downward+trend
    Despite a recent pick-up in NAND flash spot prices, the memory ASPs will still be on a downward trend until Lunar New Year in February 2021, according to KS Pua, chairman for memory...
  • Memory+spot+prices+start+to+rise
    Spot market prices for DRAM memory have rallied 10-15% so far in September 2020, according to sources at memory module houses. Huawei's aggressive chip purchases prior to new US sanctions...
  • DRAM spot prices rise

    Tuesday 1 September 2020
    DRAM spot market prices have rallied over 5% since last week amid speculation about Huawei building up inventory prior to new US sanctions against it.
  • Memory+pricing+has+been+falling
    Memory module makers saw their second-quarter profits eroded by the weakening of spot market prices.
  • Potential+demand+is+expected+from+5G+and+AI+sectors
    Spot market prices for SiC (silicon carbide) wafers have plunged 20% this year due to supply outstripping demand amid impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and worsening US-China trade...
  • Memory spot prices start rising

    Friday 12 June 2020
    Memory spot prices particularly those for DRAM have started to rise reflecting a pick-up in buying momentum prior to China's 618 shopping festival, according to industry sources.
  • Memory spot prices stabilize

    Wednesday 27 May 2020
    Memory spot market prices have stopped falling, indicating consumer sentiment could be improving, according to industry sources.
  • NAND+flash+contract+prices+expected+to+hold+flat+in+3Q20
    NAND flash memory contract prices are expected to stay flat in the third quarter, as demand for notebooks remains stable, according to Wallace Kou, president and CEO of Silicon Motion...
  • Memory+spot+prices+start+falling
    DRAM and NAND flash prices are facing increasing downward pressure, due to a slump in demand for consumer electronics devices, according to industry sources.
  • Memory+module+makers+are+aware+of+increasing+demand+uncertainty
    Memory module makers have become increasingly uncertain about their outlook for the second quarter despite an influx of short lead-time orders for PCs, and continued strong demand...
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