Friday 1 July 2011
China's LED industry under the 12th Five Year Plan
China's focus on developing energy-saving and environmental industries under its 12th Five Year Plan promises to deliver a considerable boost to its LED industry. This DIGITIMES Research...
Monday 20 June 2011
Overview of smart TV market platforms, business models and solutions
The feasibility of potential applications for smart TV rests on the integration of smart TV platforms with IC technology solutions. Any company that is able to secure a key position...
Wednesday 11 May 2011
Global PV market, 2011
Major reductions in subsidy levels are occurring across the major European PV markets in 2011. As European markets account for 80% of global demand, this will have a decisive effect...
Friday 22 April 2011
Greater China IC design industry overview
This DIGITIMES Research Special Report examines the position of Taiwan and China in the global IC market and explains how past developments, current industry trends, and the strengths...
Monday 18 April 2011
The rise of the low-priced Android smartphone market
Shipments and sales of Android-based mobile phones exploded in 2010, with total shipments for the year exceeding 66 million units and Android leaping into the number two smartphone...
Thursday 31 March 2011
PV inverter market overview
With the solar PV market exhibited strong growth in installations starting in the third quarter 2009, demand for PV inverters gradually began to outstrip supply. Demand remained tight...
Friday 25 February 2011
Survey of upstream LED component industry
Asia-based LED chip manufacturers from South Korea, Taiwan and China are adding new equipment, with the result being that the world's two largest MOVCD machinery manufacturers - Aixtron...
Monday 14 February 2011
China aiming at balanced development: Q&A with Digitimes Research analyst Joanne Chien
The 12th Five-Year Plan that China is implementing next month has a very different focus than those in the past, namely it is aiming at a more balanced development of the country...
Wednesday 9 February 2011
China looks to leverage strength of domestic market in its 12th Five Year Plan, says new report from Digitimes Research
Taipei, Taiwan, February 9, 2011 - China will soon formally kick off its 12th Five Year Plan (2011-2015), and while in the past China placed heavy emphasis on becoming a rich and...
Monday 31 January 2011
Overview of China's 12th Five-Year Plan
In 2011, China will enter its 12th Five-Year Plan period (2011-2015). The development goals, directions and industry strategies for the entire plan were set in October 2010, and will...
Monday 24 January 2011
Greater China IC foundry industry overview
Digitimes Research estimates that Taiwan's TSMC and UMC ranked first and second worldwide among the world's top 10 foundries in 2010. TSMC's subsidiary Vanguard International Semiconductor...
Monday 10 January 2011
Greater China touch panel market
As mobile phones and other portable products have switched en masse to touchscreens, and sales of tablet devices have taken off in 2010 under the influence of Apple's iPad, the touch...
Thursday 9 December 2010
China TFT LCD panel industry overview


Monday 29 November 2010
China 3G telecoms, suppliers and market

The evolution of China telecoms

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