Friday 6 April 2012
Digitimes Research: Flat solar spot prices in Greater China due to long holiday
Due to long holidays in China, solar spot prices this week (April 2-6) has remained relatively flat.
Tuesday 3 April 2012
Key trends in the development of LED lighting technology
LED lighting prices are expected to fall by 30% per year, with luminous efficacy approaching 200 lm/W by 2014. Many countries have also identified 2015 as a key milestone in their...
Friday 23 March 2012
Trends in the touch panel supply chain, 2010-2014
The touch panel sector was one of the few bright spots in the global tech industry in 2011, with production value growing 88% on year to reach US$12.56 billion. Shipments are expected...
Friday 23 March 2012
Digitimes Research: Consistent demand in US market keeps Greater China solar price steady
The prices of solar products in Greater China continue to hold despite the concerns over the upcoming Germany feed-in-tariff (FIT) cuts. In addition, demand in the US has been picking...
Friday 16 March 2012
Digitimes Research: Price of solar modules in Greater China falls on Yingli low offer
Digitimes research analyst Chihheng Liang stated that prices across the supply chain have been falling. The price fall of solar modules was due to Yingli's quote of CNY5.18/W (EUR0.55/W)...
Tuesday 13 March 2012
Trends in the global IC design service market
With the cost of developing a new semiconductor fab anticipated to surpass US$5.0 billion by 2015, more and more IDMs are adopting a fab-lite outsourcing model. The growth in the...
Friday 9 March 2012
Digitimes Research: Solar prices in Greater China begin to fall due to Germany FIT cuts
The announcement of Germany's new feed-in-tariff (FIT) cuts has stopped the price increases of solar products that began in February. Despite the fact that the Germany government...
Friday 17 February 2012
Digitimes Research: Solar cell prices in Greater China increase to reflect rising costs
The return of demand has been helping solar firms in Greater China to increase capacity utilization rates, said Chihheng Liang, Digitimes Research analyst. Order visibilities are...
Monday 13 February 2012
Trends in the high- brightness LED lighting market
Digitimes Research projects that the global high-brightness LED industry will see year-on-year growth of 13.4% in 2012, with output rising to US$10.1 billion. The main reason for...
Friday 10 February 2012
Digitimes Research: Solar wafer makers in Greater China increase quotes
The prices of solar wafers and cells have been increasing. However, polysilicon spot price remains flat at US$29.50/kg while the price of solar modules has dropped by EUR0.01/watt.
Friday 13 January 2012
Digitimes Research: Rising demand continues to push up polysilicon price in Greater China
The spot price of polysilicon in Greater China continues to increase. Many small- and medium-size polysilicon firms suspended operations when the price was falling rapidly in 2011...
Tuesday 3 January 2012
Network convergence in China, 2012
Network convergence combining telecom, broadcast and Internet on a single platform to deliver voice, data and video content to devices has already begun in China and trial services...
Friday 30 December 2011
2012 tablet market forecast
With a global economic situation that does not seem too pessimistic for 2012, demand for mobile computing will rise steadily and the price-performance ratio of tablet devices will...
Thursday 22 December 2011
Global smartphone industry, 2012 forecast
Global smartphone shipments are forecast to top 464 million units in 2011, with Apple being the top ranking vendor in terms of shipment volume, followed by Samsung Electronics and...
Friday 16 December 2011
Niche DRAM market analysis and prospects for 2012
Since 2009, niche DRAM has been one of the rising stars in the memory sector, with bit growth soaring over 70% annually and outpacing standard DRAM growth. This Digitimes Special...