Thursday 1 February 2024
Gogoro snaps up Qualcomm's Snapdragon bringing smart cockpits to two-wheelers
Gogoro's flagship electric scooter Pulse is equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon Digital Chassis. to enable its iQ Touch HD digital dashboard.
Monday 29 January 2024
Samsung may aim at cost reduction with introducing Exynos APs into flagship S24 series
Samsung Electronics introduced its Exynos AP in its latest flagship S24 series, indicating its intention to lower the cost of procuring Qualcomm's chips and signal a potential revival...
Thursday 18 January 2024
Qualcomm, Samsung introduce the most advanced Snapdragon to 1st Galaxy AI-powered smartphones
Qualcomm Technologies has announced that its premium Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 mobile platform is powering Samsung Electronics' latest flagship Galaxy S24 Ultra globally and Galaxy S24 Plus...
Tuesday 5 December 2023
Samsung's mobile AP procurement costs significantly surged due to dependence on Qualcomm
In recent years, Samsung Electronics has adopted custom-designed application processors (APs) from Qualcomm for its flagship smartphones, eliminating performance controversies associated...
Friday 1 December 2023
TSMC likely to win it all, with Samsung's 3nm reportedly losing several significant orders
Despite its attempt to catch up with TSMC, Samsung Electronics is rumored to have recently lost several significant orders for its 3nm process. The South Korean industry believes...
Friday 1 December 2023
MediaTek shipments and market scale to be boosted by Redmi K70E and Buds 5 Pro
Redmi, a sub-brand of Xiaomi, recently revealed its new line of handsets for the K series.The K70E is equipped with MediaTek's Dimensity 8300 Ultra platform, and Redmi Buds 5 Pro...
Monday 30 October 2023
Generative AI adoption on edge devices to outpace expectations, says Qualcomm SVP
Qualcomm's senior vice president of product management, Ziad Asghar, believes that the adoption of generative AI on edge devices will progress faster than people's imagination. He...
Monday 30 October 2023
AI PC, AI phone market competition to heat up as Qualcomm, Apple, MediaTek unveil new chips solutions
Qualcomm's Snapdragon Summit 2023 has ignited a new round of competition in the AI PC and AI smartphone markets, with major competitors Apple and MediaTek set to unveil their new...
Friday 27 October 2023
Can generative AI save the smartphone industry?
Although it's unlikely for smartphone applications to have a turnaround in 2023, generative AI has certainly offered the entire supply chain a glimmer of hope. Both end-user brands...
Thursday 26 October 2023
Qualcomm eyeing bigger presence in PC processor market
Qualcomm has launched the Snapdragon X Elite platform equipped with the Qualcomm Oryon CPU for PCs, positioning itself to compete in the Arm PC processor category.
Wednesday 25 October 2023
Micron collaborates with Qualcomm to accelerate generative AI
Micron Technology has announced that production samples of its low-power double data rate 5X (LPDDR5X) memory, which the company claims is the industry's only 1-beta mobile-optimized...
Friday 20 October 2023
Snapdragon Summit: Will Qualcomm's in-house CPU platform and GenAI applications on the edge be game changers?
Qualcomm is slated to debut its cell phone processor Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 in its annual Snapdragon Summit next week. The highlight of the summit will be the new processors for handsets...
Wednesday 27 September 2023
Speculation suggests Qualcomm may launch 3nm chip earlier than expected
A screenshot of an email written by Qualcomm to Samsung Electronics has recently been circulated, showing that the company will offer its next-generation Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 in two...
Monday 4 September 2023
Where does Huawei's Mate 60 Pro SoC come from?
Huawei's Mate 60 Pro recently made an unexpected debut, sparking curiosity among Chinese consumers that the model might not necessarily carry truly top-notch SoC specs. In a public...
Monday 14 August 2023
Qualcomm reportedly halts chip development using Intel's 20A node
Qualcomm has has reportedly stopped chip development using Intel's 20A node, which may pose a challenge to the R&D and mass production of Intel Foundry Services' (IFS) highly-anticipated...