Tuesday 6 February 2024
Skyworks showcases impressive results in 1Q24 financial report
A rebound in the global smartphone market and the widespread adoption of 5G technology has allowed US semiconductor manufacturer Skyworks Solutions to showcase an impressive financial...
Monday 17 July 2023
Wi-Fi 7 SoC makers set to embrace first wave of demand in 2H23
With end-market devices accelerating incorporating Wi-Fi 7 capability into their products, chipmakers including Broadcom, Qualcomm and MediaTek are optimistic that the first wave...
Thursday 25 May 2023
New Apple-Broadcom deal gets three interpretations from RF supply chain in Taiwan
The signing of a long-term contract between Apple and Broadcom to develop 5G radio frequency (RF) components could easily drive outsiders to associate it with the "coopetition" relationships...
Tuesday 18 April 2023
Chip suppliers see slight pick-up in orders for Android smartphones
Radio-frequency (RF) and power amplifier (PA) chip suppliers have noticed a slight pick-up in orders for Android smartphones as related brand vendors prepare for China's approaching...
Tuesday 7 February 2023
Skyworks posted a double-digit fall in sales and profit
As the smartphone market in China is facing challenges due to a weak economy and the pandemic, wireless solutions provider Skyworks posted an annual drop in both sales and profit...
Thursday 19 January 2023
Wi-Fi 6E penetration in PCs to rise on new MacBook Pro adoption
The new 14-and 16-inch MacBook Pro models just unveiled by Apple both support the newest Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax) wireless communication standard, which is expected to notably drive up...
Monday 17 October 2022
US IDMs seeking subsidies for domestic production of RF components
American IDMs of RF components such as silicon-based filters are all proceeding with capacity expansions in the US, looking to seek government subsidies under the newly legislated...
Friday 7 October 2022
RF BAW filter maker Akoustis builds Asia-Pacific foothold in Taiwan
Akoustis Technologies, a US-based IDM of bulk acoustic wave (BAW) high-band filters for mobile and other wireless applications, has located its Asia-Pacific foothold in Taoyuan, northern...
Monday 20 June 2022
Handset PA makers pinning hopes on iPhones for 3Q22 sales
Taiwan's GaAs-based power amplifiers (PA) supply chain players including foundries Win Semiconductors and Advanced Wireless Semiconductor (AWSC) and epi-wafer maker Visual Photonics...
Monday 14 March 2022
SAIC aggressively aiming to operate as RF IDM
China-based Sanan Integrated Circuit (SAIC), a compound semiconductor specialist under Sanan Optoelectronics Group, is actively developing itself into an RF IDM to support the country's...
Monday 20 December 2021
Apple reportedly moves to develop own RF chips
Apple is reportedly hiring talent to develop RF solutions, modem chips and other wireless semiconductors in house, sparking market concerns about possible impacts on its suppliers...
Tuesday 12 October 2021
VPEC rises as top GaAs epiwafer supplier
Taiwan-based epiwafer maker Visual Photonics Epitaxy (VPEC) has emerged as the world's top supplier of GaAs epiwafers with its market share in the segment surpassing that of British...
Friday 17 September 2021
Chipmakers working with partners to step up deployments in 5G RF devices
Fabless chipmakers are looking to step up their deployments in the 5G RF front-end module (RF FEM) and other device markets by working closely with their manufacturing partners, according...
Friday 17 September 2021
AiP packaging demand set to be stimulated by new iPhone
With the new-generation iPhones equipped with more antenna-in-package (AiP) modules, AiP packaging demand will be rising along with the iPhone sales, according to industry sources.
Wednesday 15 September 2021
Vanchip tapping Wi-Fi 6 RF FEM market
China-based Vanchip Technologies, a subsidiary of MediaTek, is partnering with IC distributor WPG and GaAs foundry Win Semiconductors to promote its Wi-Fi 6 RF front-end modules (RF...