Friday 16 June 2023
Wistron steps up global manufacturing deployments
Wistron will be aggressively advancing its worldwide manufacturing deployments in response to geopolitical shifts, according to Simon Lin, chairman for the Taiwan-based ODM company...
Tuesday 30 May 2023
Simon Lin resigns as Wiwynn chairman
Simon Lin resigned as chairman of Taiwan-based server ODM Wiwynn on May 29 and has been replaced by company vice chairman and CEO Emily Hong.
Wednesday 19 April 2023
Wistron gearing up for digital signage boom
Wistron has put an increased focus on high value-added products like digital signage solutions, and has launched the WiCanvas brand to promote its digital signage product line for...
Monday 20 June 2022
ESG to boost notebook materials recycling
Wistron Greentech, a plastic recycling subsidiary of the Wistron Group, turned profitable in 2021 after suffering from several years of losses, and it expects the ESG trend to drive...
Wednesday 23 December 2020
Taiwan investors should change mentality towards startups, says Wistron chairman
Taiwan's investors should change their mentality about entrepreneurships, giving more support to startups, according to Wistron chairman Simon Lin.
Thursday 15 October 2020
Wistron reiterates goal of generating half of revenues outside of China by 2021
Wistron is still looking to have 50% of its revenues generated outside of China by 2021, according to company chairman Simon Lin.
Monday 22 June 2020
Quanta, Compal, Wistron stay positive about 2H20
Quanta Computer, Compal Electronics and Wistron are all optimistic about their sales in the second half of 2020, as many users will need to upgrade their notebooks, and demand from...
Friday 19 June 2020
Wistron chairman turning cautious about market recovery
Wistron chairman Simon Lin has disclosed the company's operation in the second quarter has been better than expected, but the coronavirus pandemic, which he originally expected to...
Thursday 26 March 2020
Wistron set to grow revenues from non-China production
Wistron is looking to grow revenues generated from its factories outside of China, and expects to lower revenues from its China-based sites to about 50% of company revenues in 2021,...
Thursday 26 March 2020
Wistron expects sales growth in 2020
Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Wistron chairman Simon Lin still expects the company to enjoy another year of revenue growth in 2020.
Tuesday 25 February 2020
ODMs asked to install additional server production capacity in Taiwan
ODMs have seen more requests from their server clients for installing additional SMT lines in Taiwan as China's coronavirus outbreak has been impacting server supply from the country,...
Wednesday 22 January 2020
Wistron ramping up iPhone production in India
Wistron plans to start ramping up output, including smartphones, from its third plant in India after kicking off trial production at the plant in November 2019, according to company...
Monday 13 January 2020
Wistron chairman expects stronger 2020
Wistron chairman Simon Lin expects the company's results in 2020 to be better than in 2019 because business re-organization last year brought limited change to the company's revenue...
Wednesday 11 September 2019
Wistron continues setting up production lines in various countries, says chairman
Wistron chairman Simon Lin believes the US-China trade dispute is unlikely to end any time soon and therefore the company will continue running production lines in different parts...
Tuesday 18 June 2019
Wistron increasing investments in India
Wistron has been making new investments in India in the past couple of years and though the company currently still needs some more time to iron out differences with the Indian government,...