Monday 15 September 2008
Semiconductor equipment localization – Don't act like a cry baby: Q&A with Hermes Epitek Archie Hwang
One of the most well known local Taiwan providers of semiconductor equipment, Hermes Epitek believes that extending its business presence is a natural extension of its long-term practice...
Monday 15 September 2008
Moore's Law takes a backend seat; TSV as next battlefield
While Moore's Law continues to march onward, its pace has slowed. Currently, the semiconductor industry is migrating to 32nm, but the migration to 16nm is not expected to arrive until...
Monday 15 September 2008
MEMS: The next hit for Taiwan's foundries?
Micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS) are devices incorporating very tiny electronic and mechanical parts into single or multiple chips. MEMS chips are currently found in pressure...
Monday 15 September 2008
Product difference and virtual localization: E-ton general manager talks about Taiwan's PV industry
His eyes sparkle when Chin-Yao Tsai, general manager of E-ton Solar Tech, talks fervently about solar energy and in particular the photovoltaic (PV) industry in Taiwan. He has confidence...
Friday 12 September 2008
Taiwan and restrictions on China-bound investments
Since Taiwan's new president took office in May this year, the government has promised to relax various restrictions on its ties and exchanges with China. Taiwan's semiconductor and...
Friday 12 September 2008
Economic takes its spot next to technology: Talking techonomics with Synopsys CEO Aart de Geus
For much of the history of the semiconductor industry, Moore's Law was the industry's driver. Though Moore's law remains a strong and vibrant driver today, it has been joined by economic...
Thursday 11 September 2008
Economic and technology challenges moving to 32nm: Q&A with ATMI
As the semiconductor industry addresses the move to 32nm, it is important for players in the industry to acknowledge that the macro market environment it serves is rapidly changing...
Thursday 11 September 2008
SEMICON Taiwan 2008: DC Chemical to establish polysilicon sales branch in Taiwan
DC Chemical (DCC), a Korea-based polysilicon supplier, plans to establish a sales branch in Taiwan. The company also updated its production roadmap at the ongoing SEMICON Taiwan 2008...
Thursday 11 September 2008
SEMICON Taiwan 2008: Siemens offers electrical and automation products & solutions for polysilicon production lines
Thanks to equipment vendors offering turn-key solutions, solar cell makers from Taiwan have been able to quickly enter the photovoltaic (PV) industry. Siemens, being a leading electrical...
Thursday 11 September 2008
SEMICON Taiwan 2008: Equipment makers pay more attention to new materials and through-silicon via
Semiconductor equipment makers are not being discouraged by the present industry downturn. Material supplier Rohm & Haas Electronic Materials and equipment vendor KLA-Tencor have...
Wednesday 10 September 2008
SEMICON Taiwan 2008: Electronic materials from BASF to allow smaller IC feature sizes
BASF is showcasing a range of advanced chemical solutions for the semiconductor industry at the ongoing SEMICON Taiwan 2008 (September 9-11), with solutions for 3D through-silicon...
Tuesday 9 September 2008
SEMICON Taiwan 2008: Zenith Materials exhibits Ferrotec silicon ingot growing systems
Zenith Materials Technology, a semiconductor tool and material distributor in Taiwan, is exhibiting silicon ingot growing systems from the Japan-based vendor Ferrotec, as well as...
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