Thursday 28 March 2024
Renesas criticizes the Japanese practice of uniform salary rise
The president of the Japanese semiconductor manufacturer Renesas, Hidetoshi Shibata, pointed out at the shareholders' meeting that the customary practice of uniformly raising salaries...
Wednesday 6 March 2024
Taiwan's job market booms with AI amid historic labor shortage
Following the Chinese New Year, Taiwan is experiencing a job-hopping wave that coincides with the largest labor shortage in history. Data from 104 Job Bank revealed a staggering 1.078...
Wednesday 21 February 2024
EIH to hire staff for capacity expansion
Taiwan-based E Ink Holdings (EIH), a provider of e-paper solutions, has launched a recruitment initiative to hire an additional 150 individuals for capacity expansion over the next...
Thursday 4 January 2024
Malaysian official: semiconductor talent shortage stems from low salary, not lack of talent
Malaysia is the sixth-largest exporter of semiconductors worldwide and is starting to emerge in the global semiconductor manufacturing supply chain. Despite that, there are often...
Wednesday 16 November 2022
IC design talent unlikely to be axed despite downturn
With display driver IC (DDI) supplier FocalTech Systems announcing plans to lay off 10-15% of employees and reduce pays for all its senior executives, market concerns are rapidly...
Tuesday 12 January 2021
Notebook ODMs mull price hikes
Notebook ODMs are considering hiking their quotes to reflect rising costs of components, transportation and other expenses, according to market sources.
Monday 21 December 2020
Riot threatens to derail Wistron, Apple and India plans
The riot at Wistron's plant in India has done disservices not only to the Taiwanese ODM, but also to its client Apple - which has been keen to move some production of its devices...
Monday 14 December 2020
Wistron says India plant complies with law
Wistron has claimed that the riot at its Narasapura plant in India was started due to a break-in of several unidentified outsiders who sabotaged the facilities, maintaining that the...
Thursday 14 May 2020
Components and labor shortages continue to haunt server supply chain
Despite clients' strong short lead-time orders, the server supply chain is currently facing shortages of both components and labor, hindering their shipments in the second quarter,...
Friday 28 November 2014
Wage rates in eastern China rise in November
The local government in Jiangsu Province, eastern China, increased wage rates on November 1, much later than other cities, to avoid imposing a heavy burden on electronics factories...
Thursday 13 March 2014
Foxconn to raise salaries for Taiwan employees in April
Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) is set to increase salaries for employees who earn less than NT$1.2 million (US$39,560) per year in Taiwan and those qualified will...
Wednesday 19 December 2012
Compal, Inventec to increase notebook shipments from inland China in 2013
Facing strong pressure from rising labor costs in China, notebook ODMs will accelerate their pace in shifting production to inland China in 2013 with Compal set to move all its notebook...
Thursday 5 July 2012
China labor shortage may drag down notebook shipment performance in peak season
With China's labor shortage issues seriously impacting notebook makers' shipment performance in June, notebook makers are concerned that the problem will only become more serious...
Thursday 5 April 2012
Foxconn chairman agrees to raise employee salaries in Taiwan, says paper
Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) chairman Terry Guo, on April 4 said the company will significantly raise salaries for its employees in Taiwan in July, according to...
Monday 5 March 2012
Taiwan-based makers to outsource some China production to cope with wage hikes
In the wake of rising wages in China, PC and component factories established there by Taiwan-based firms are looking to outsource labor-intensive portions of the manufacturing process...
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