Monday 1 December 2008
More details of AMD 45nm desktop CPU schedule revealed
After the launch of its 45nm AM2+ Phenom II X4 900 series CPUs on January 8 next year, AMD is expected to introduce six 45nm AM3 CPUs in February: the quad-core Phenom II X4 925 and...
Tuesday 18 November 2008
New AMD CPU numbering scheme similar to Intel Core i7
AMD has recently changed its CPU numbering scheme plans from five digits number to only three digits, similar to that of Intel's Core i7 CPUs, according to sources at motherboard...
Thursday 13 November 2008
AMD announces new server processors; details new desktop platform for 45nm CPUs
AMD has announced widespread availability of its 45nm quad-core AMD Opteron processor, which it claims delivers up to 35% more performance with up to a 35% decrease in power consumption...