Wednesday 16 August 2023
Ola Electric unveils affordable E2Ws in India
India's largest electric two-wheeler (E2W) brand by sales unveiled a series of affordable models to expand its lineup to solidify its status in the rapidly-growing E2W market.
Friday 21 July 2023
Ola Electric reportedly expects to quadruple sales despite subsidy cuts
As Ola Electric is accelerating its IPO plan, Reuters reported that the India-based electric two-wheeler (E2W) unicorn expects its revenue to quadruple in the current fiscal year...
Tuesday 13 June 2023
India's US$5 billion unicorn to revive IPO plan for ambitious expansion
As Ola Electric products continue to dominate India's electric two-wheeler (E2W) market, the US$5 billion company is looking to make a comeback regarding its IPO plan amid ambitious...
Monday 20 February 2023
Ola Electric to build world's largest EV hub in southern India
Ola Electric, India's leading electric two-wheeler (E2W) brand by sales, will build the world's largest EV ecosystem in Tamil Nadu, where a new EV policy was just unveiled to attract...
Friday 23 December 2022
Ola Electric to mass-produce battery cells by 2023
India-based electric two-wheeler (E2W) startup Ola Electric reaffirms its plan to venture into more diversified EV products and mass-produce battery cells over the next 12 months.
Monday 17 October 2022
Divisive startup kingpin doubles down on EVs to undercut Musk
When Bhavish Aggarwal arrived for a recent visit at the Ola Futurefactory, marketed as the world's largest electric two-wheeler plant, the company's founder was quick to spot a shuttered...
Tuesday 16 August 2022
Ola Electric to launch E4W in 2024
Ola Electric, an Indian EV unicorn backed by SoftBank, revealed on the 75th anniversary of India's Independence Day the launch plan of its first electric four-wheeler (E4W), likely...
Monday 1 August 2022
Reliance, Ola Electric, Rajesh Exports to build battery cell manufacturing
Ola Electric, Reliance New Energy and Rajesh Exports have signed agreements with the Indian government for locally-made battery cells, in a bid to create a self-reliant battery ecosystem...
Thursday 14 July 2022
Ola Electric unveils indigenously made lithium-ion cell
Ola Electric unveiled India's first indigenously developed lithium-ion cell, expected to enter mass production by 2023. It may reduce Ola Electric's reliance on LG Energy Solution...
Wednesday 8 June 2022
Ola Electric reportedly meeting with suppliers to set up battery cell plant
Ola Electric, India's largest electric two-wheeler (E2W) brand, reportedly is in discussion with suppliers to set up a battery cell plant in its bid to build a more vertically integrated...
Tuesday 31 May 2022
Ola Electric reportedly looking for land for cell and EV manufacturing
The largest electric two-wheeler (E2W) brand in India, Ola Electric, is reportedly looking for land to build a factory for electric four-wheelers (E4W) and EV battery cells, which...
Wednesday 23 March 2022
Ola Electric invests in fast-charging tech startup StoreDot
Ola Electric has announced a strategic investment in Israel-based battery technology startup StoreDot, giving Ola Electric the exclusive right to adopt StoreDot's XFC technology in...