Thursday 25 May 2023
Actron eyeing closer ties with Mosel, sources say
Automotive diode specialist Actron Technology plans to enhance its relationship with Mosel Vitelic, a 6-inch pure-play foundry, according to industry sources.
Thursday 25 May 2023
SAS expanding foothold in SiC semiconductor market
Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS), which has affiliates such as Actron Technology, GlobalWafers, and Globitech, is extending its footprint in the silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductor...
Thursday 12 January 2023
Actron, Excelliance MOS to team up for automotive diodes and MOSFETs
Automotive diode specialist Actron Technology has made an equity investment in MOSFET supplier Excelliance MOS, as part of their planned collaboration in the automotive power device...
Wednesday 30 November 2022
Actron becomes largest shareholder of Mosel
Automotive diode specialist Actron Technology has acquired more common shares of its re-invested Mosel Vitelic and has now become the largest shareholder of the 6-inch foundry spec...
Thursday 19 May 2022
Six-inch fab capacity to stay full utilized through 3Q22
Six-inch IC foundries, such as Mosel Vitelic and Nuvoton Technology, continue to run their fabs at full capacity utilization despite a recent slowdown in orders for LCD driver chips...
Friday 4 March 2022
6-inch fabs fully loaded for SGT MOSFETs, automotive diodes till 2Q22
Taiwan's 6-inch wafer foundry specialists including Mosel Vitelic, Nuvoton Technology and Epsil Technologies are expected to maintain full capacity utilization throughout at least...
Monday 12 July 2021
Six-inch fabs cut capacity supply for IT-use diodes in 2H21
Taiwan's 6-inch fab operators have cut capacity supply to vendors of IT-use diodes since the start of July as they are prioritizing foundry support for MOSFETs, diodes and power management...
Thursday 1 July 2021
Six-inch fabs become acquisition target
Six-inch wafer fabs have become acquisition targets of automotive power semiconductor companies, as well as Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) and Tesla, both of which...
Wednesday 16 June 2021
Taiwan diode makers see clear order visibility through end-2021
Taiwan-based power diode suppliers have seen clear order visibility through the end of this year, as coronavirus-induced stay-at-home activities continue to spur demand, coupled with...
Wednesday 28 April 2021
OST scaling up IR MEMS sensor shipments for gaming notebooks
Taiwan-based Oriental System Technology (OST) is expected to scale up its shipments of infrared (IR) MEMS sensors for gaming notebooks to 4.5 million units in 2021 from 2.8 million...
Thursday 21 January 2021
Power diode and MOSFET makers see lead times extend
Taiwan-based power diode and MOSFET makers including Panjt International and Taiwan Semiconductor have seen delivery lead times extended to as long as six months due mainly to tight...
Tuesday 29 September 2020
Chip vendors striving to get foundry support
Increasingly tight 8-inch and 12-inch foundry capacity and resultant foundry quote hikes have posed mixed impacts on chip vendors in Taiwan, with second-tier ones struggling to get...
Monday 29 June 2020
Chinese EV devices maker Leadrive teams up with Rohm Semi to set up SiC lab
China-based Leadrive Technology, specializing in third-generation semiconductor power modules for electric vehicles, has teamed up with Japan's IDM Rohm Semiconductor to set up an...
Thursday 18 June 2020
Mosel, Actron team up for auto-use ULLD, IGBT components
Six-inch foundry Mosel Vitelic and diode maker Actron Technology are revving up their collaboration on diverse automotive power chips such as low loss diode (LLD), ultra LLD (ULLD)...
Tuesday 26 May 2020
BYD reorganizes chipmaking arm to focus on EV power devices
Chinese electric vehicle (EV) maker BYD Group has reorganized its wholly-owned subsidiary BYD Microelectronics and renamed it BYD Semiconductor paving the way for its independent...
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