Monday 6 April 2009
China-based GoerTek enters MEMS microphone market with Taiwan-based foundry
China-based ECM microphone supplier GoerTek plans to begin supplying MEMS microphones to handset customers in April or May with production undertaken by a Taiwan-based foundry, said...
Friday 27 March 2009
Akustica and Knowles vying for MEMS microphone orders for ultra-thin notebooks
MEMS microphone makers Akustica and Knowles both have entered the ultra-thin notebook segment. Akustica is expected to begin supplying small volumes to notebook makers in the second...
Monday 6 October 2008
Macronix and APM to cooperate for MEMS microphone market
Macronix International Company (MXIC) and Asia Pacific Microsystems (APM) are said to be cooperating on making an entrance in the MEMS microphone market. According to market sources,...
Thursday 10 July 2008
MEMS microphone and gyroscope applications subject to ASP erosion
Despite industry players generally being optimistic about the micro electro-mechanical system (MEMS) devices market amid MEMS' extending penetration into consumer electronics segment,...
Thursday 10 July 2008
HIT penetrates notebook digital microphone market
With its technology experience in microphone production, Taiwan-based Human Interface Technologies (HIT) said its microphone solutions have been validated by major first-tier notebook...