Thursday 29 February 2024
Japanese mature-process semiconductor equipment makers thrive amid US-China chip war
While many Japanese industrial equipment makers grapple with the economic downturn in China, the semiconductor equipment sector has shown s completely different performance. US-led...
Friday 23 February 2024
US will not choke China's access to mature process chips
A US Department of Commerce official said Washington will not limit China's access to mature process chips.
Friday 16 February 2024
SMIC's bold expansions spark concerns about potential mature-process overcapacity
Foreign media outlets have raised concerns over Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation's (SMIC) ambitious mature process capacity expansion plans, warning of potential...
Monday 29 January 2024
Research Insight: UMC's alliance with Intel starts new chapter in foundry competition
Intel and UMC's announcement to work together in developing 12nm processes has been lauded as a creative move. DIGITIMES Research believes that because of the complementary nature...
Friday 26 January 2024
ASML's High-NA EUV under the spotlight as urgent orders from China wane
Urgent orders from China due to US export controls have become a last resort for ASML in the global semiconductor industry downturn. Now, at the beginning of 2024, ASML has confirmed...
Friday 19 January 2024
TSMC to see revenue increase 21-25% in 2024
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) expects its revenue in US dollars to increase 21-25% this year, exceeding the foundry market average of 20%.
Monday 15 January 2024
US fears Chinese chip dump as China faces capacity overkill
US Congress is urging the Biden administration to impose high tariffs to prevent China from flooding the country with mature process chips
Tuesday 9 January 2024
Chinese foundry makers cut service prices to lure Taiwanese IC design customers
Although the inventory correction of the semiconductor industry has finally come to an end in the first half of 2024, Chinese foundry manufacturers Semiconductor Manufacturing International...
Tuesday 19 December 2023
Chinese foundries challenging TSMC in mature process CIS race
The demand for CMOS image sensors (CIS) has witnessed a significant uptick since the third quarter of 2023, driven by the launch of new smartphones and a recovery in the security...
Thursday 26 October 2023
SMIC reportedly uses ASML tools for Huawei smartphone chip
A move that has sparked concerns in the US is the claim that China's Semiconductor Manufacturing International (SMIC) already used ASML equipment to build an advanced processor for...
Thursday 14 September 2023
Global fab equipment spending to return to growth in 2024
In 2023, global spending on fab equipment for front-end facilities is projected to decrease by 15% before rebounding with a 15% year-over-year increase in 2024, according to a recent...
Friday 11 August 2023
Cleanroom equipment maker Acter enjoys robust orders
Cleanroom and turnkey equipment provider Acter has orders exceeding NT$30 billion (US$944.9 million), which will sustain its performance over the next one to two years, according...
Thursday 3 August 2023
China foundries enhancing mature node manufacturing capability for automotive chips
Chinese foundries including CanSemi Technology, GTA Semiconductor, and Nexchip Semiconductor have stepped up enhancing their mature-node manufacturing capability for automotive ICs,...
Tuesday 4 July 2023
IC design houses cautious about placing orders for mature process manufacturing
IC design houses are hesitant to place orders for mature process manufacturing with foundries, due to the still uncertain market outlook for the second half of this year, according...
Wednesday 28 June 2023
Japanese IC equipment makers see increased China-bound shipments for mature process apps
Japanese suppliers of semiconductor materials and equipment have shown mixed business performances under stricter restrictions on exports of advanced equipment and materials to China,...
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Global semiconductor revenue to top US$600 billion in 2024, says DIGITIMES Research
China's homegrown NearLink wireless tech to challenge Wi-Fi dominance, says DIGITIMES Research
China's smartphone shipments threaten 20% slide in 1Q24 says DIGITIMES Research