Wednesday 4 March 2009
Smartphones will double their share of the handset market by 2013, says In-Stat
Smartphones will double their share of the handset market to about 20% by 2013, according to In-Stat. Global smartphone growth in 2009 will be strong globally, but even stronger in...
Tuesday 17 February 2009
Freescale expands its netbook ecosystem
Freescale Semiconductor has collaborated with a lineup of companies to enable 3G connectivity and additional operating system options for netbooks based on its new i.MX515 processo...
Wednesday 21 January 2009
MIPS sees opportunities in China netbook market
MIPS Technologies has successfully entered the market for Linux-based netbook platforms in China, according to Mark Pittman, vice president of Asia Pacific sales at MIPS.
Friday 16 January 2009
Linux-based platforms likely to undergo fast consolidation, says Wind River executive
The varied commercial Mobile Linux platforms, now with active involvement from the OHA (Open Handset Alliance) and LiMo Foundation, are likely to undergo a consolidation process through...
Wednesday 24 December 2008
PC makers conservative about Intel Moblin open source software for Atom
Although Intel signed an agreement with Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) to establish a Moblin (Mobile Linux) enabling center in October. The center was set up to provide...
Thursday 11 December 2008
Linux market in China up 17% through three quarters this year, but growth will slow in 4Q, says CCID Consulting
The sales revenue of China's Linux market in the first three quarters of this year reached 126.6 million Yuan, up 17% year-on- year, though China's Linux market's growth rate slowed...
Thursday 13 November 2008
Ubuntu Linux support coming to ARM processors
While Intel is looking to position its low-power x86-based Atom Z500 processor family to challenge ARM-based processors in the mobile device market, ARM is returning the favor by...
Thursday 25 September 2008
Moblin to be major Linux player in MID market
The Mobile Internet Device (MID) market is shaping up as a very promising greenfield opportunity for mobile operating system vendors to find new outlets for their products. Linux...
Thursday 5 June 2008
Computex 2008: Shuttle on a comeback
With low-cost PCs based on Intel's Atom CPUs a main focus of Computex 2008, Shuttle's years of experience in pioneering the small form factor (SFF) PC market could mean the company...