Monday 24 November 2014
ITO film demand expected to grow 25.6% in 2014
ITO film demand is expected to grow 25.6% on year in 2014, showing a slowdown over the on-year increase of 40% in 2013.
Wednesday 11 June 2014
Digitimes Research: G1F likely to disappear from market soon because of fierce challenges
A G1F touchscreen is composed of a glass-type touch sensor and a thin-firm-type touch sensor with one controlling the touch panel's X axis and the other the Y axis. G1F-based touch...
Tuesday 10 June 2014
Digitimes Research: GG touch panels yet to be eliminated from market thanks to iPhone 4/4s and iPad 4
The traditional glass-glass (GG) touchscreen technology was once thought to be heading towards elimination from the IT industry as Apple, a major supporter of the technology, turned...
Tuesday 15 April 2014
Digitimes Research: ITO film price drop to slow metal mesh penetration in mid-size touch applications
Metal mesh technology has entered mass production at some China-based touch panel makers, such as O-film, since the second half of 2013. It helped O-film become the largest notebook...
Wednesday 26 March 2014
Digitimes Research: Melfas eyes top notch in Korea touch panel industry
Samsung Electronics' mid-range and entry-level mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) in 2013 mostly adopted touch panels using thin-film technologies such as glass-film-film (GFF)...
Tuesday 15 October 2013
Jun Hong expanding ITO film capacity
Jun Hong Optronics, a joint venture Taiwan-based optical film maker Wah Hong Industrial and Japan-based Gunze Limited, is expanding its ITO film production capacity by setting up...
Friday 25 January 2013
Plasmag Technology successfully develops TCP film, says report
Taiwan-based Plasmag Technology has successfully developed transparent conductive polymer (TCP) films and plans to produce them via roll-to-roll process, according to Chinese-language...
Thursday 16 August 2012
Efun to continue profiting from ITO film and micro-lens film technologies
Taiwan-based Efun Technology, a manufacturer of critical components for touch screens, LCD monitors and backlight modules, expects to see increasing profits throughout the second...
Thursday 5 July 2012
Sales of electron guns increasing, says JEOL
International smartphone brands have been incepting anti-fingerprint film as a basic feature of the products, the market believes China white-box handset makers will soon follow suit...
Monday 9 April 2012
Wah Hong looks to increasing shipments of optical films in 2Q12
LCD optical film maker Wah Hong Industrial expects its shipments of diffusion films, ITO films as well as optical films for LCD TVs and large-size monitors to gain momentum in the...
Wednesday 8 February 2012
Cambrios seeking cooperation with Taiwan touch panel makers
US-based nano-material provider Cambrios is seeking cooperation with Taiwan-based touch panel makers for the development of display applications optimizing the company's wet-processable...
Wednesday 12 October 2011
Wah Hong reports record sales for 3Q11
LCD optical film supplier Wah Hong Industrial saw its consolidated revenues decline 9.2% sequentially in September, but overall sales for the third quarter of 2011 still hit a record...
Wednesday 30 March 2011
Digitimes Insight: Japan earthquake has no significant impact on touch panel industry
Overall supply of touch panel materials has seen limited impact from the massive earthquake and tsunami that hit northeastern Japan, as most of the production plants are located in...
Wednesday 23 February 2011
AimCore reports 20% sequential growth in January revenues
ITO glass supplier AimCore Technology has announced revenues of NT$119 million (US$4.03 million) for January, up 20% sequentially and 126% on year, a record high in monthly revenue...
Wednesday 9 February 2011
Wah Hong post record high revenues for January
Optical film maker Wah Hong Industrial has announced consolidated revenues of NT$875 million (US$30.26 million) for January 2011, up 2.7% sequentially and 17.84% on year, a record...