Monday 5 December 2022
With chip demand diversifying, IDM optimistic about automotive chips in 2023
Mainstream automotive IDMs have all given pretty optimistic predictions regarding the fourth quarter of 2022 and 2023, despite recent demand-side uncertainty in the automotive chip...
Wednesday 16 November 2022
Rohm to team up with Shenzhen chipmaker for SiC power devices
Rohm Semiconductor has struck a strategic cooperation agreement with China's Shenzhen-based BASiC Semiconductor under which the pair will jointly develop SiC power devices for electric...
Monday 14 November 2022
IC distributors expanding deployments in non-consumer, WBG chip segments
IC distributors are aggressively expanding their deployments in non-consumer chips products and third-generation semiconductors like GaN and SiC devices that remain in stable demand...
Tuesday 25 October 2022
SiC wafer industry status


Monday 17 October 2022
US IDMs seeking subsidies for domestic production of RF components
American IDMs of RF components such as silicon-based filters are all proceeding with capacity expansions in the US, looking to seek government subsidies under the newly legislated...
Friday 7 October 2022
First-tier IDMs believe new capacity may not be sufficient
Some consumer IC designers are concerned about possible competition from IDMs in Europe and the US, who they fear could be forced to join the supply of consumer chips to boost the...
Friday 7 October 2022
RF BAW filter maker Akoustis builds Asia-Pacific foothold in Taiwan
Akoustis Technologies, a US-based IDM of bulk acoustic wave (BAW) high-band filters for mobile and other wireless applications, has located its Asia-Pacific foothold in Taoyuan, northern...
Wednesday 28 September 2022
Supply Chain Summit: New fabs to boost TI's output for automotive
Texas Instruments (TI) will have two new 300mm fabs come online between the end of 2022 and early 2023, with the additional output poised to meet chip demand coming from the automotive...
Friday 16 September 2022
Car OEMs should work closely with foundries, says TSMC executive
Automotive OEMs should work closely with IDM and pure-play foundries and consider building "buffer stocks" to ensure their stable supply, according to Ming-Cheng Lin, director of...
Tuesday 6 September 2022
Automotive IDMs raise prices
Automotive IC IDMs including Rohm Semiconductor will reportedly raise their prices to reflect rising raw material costs, according to industry sources.
Tuesday 6 September 2022
IDMs continue to strive for available foundry capacity
IDMs are still striving for more available foundry capacity while IC design houses continue to cut back wafer starts at foundries, according to industry sources.
Friday 2 September 2022
MOSFET backend specialists see capacity utilization fall in 3Q22
MOSFET backend specialists have seen their capacity utilization rates fall to as low as about 60% since the latter part of August, due to a substantial drop in demand for low- and...
Thursday 1 September 2022
InP epi-wafer demand promising for niche-market applications
InP-based epitaxial wafer demand will be promising for niche-market applications, particularly optical communication uses bolstered by continuous construction of large-size datacenters...
Thursday 25 August 2022
SMIC founder reportedly sets up photomask materials firm in China
Richard Chang, who founded China's pure-play foundry Semiconductor Manufacturing International (SMIC), has reportedly orchestrated the establishment of a semiconductor photomask materials...
Wednesday 24 August 2022
Intel CEO points to 'system foundry' as the IDM's future
Despite recent setbacks, Intel's IDM 2.0 strategy has taken a clearer contour as CEO Pat Gelsinger describes the company's latest progress and vision at Hot Chips 2022.
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