Friday 24 July 2020
ABF substrate suppliers see clear order visibility through 2021
ABF substrate suppliers including Unimicron Technology, Nan Ya PCB and Kinsus Interconnect Technology have all seen their order visibility extend into 2021, thanks to continued robust...
Wednesday 22 July 2020
Nittobo plant fire may disrupt global ABF substrate supply
A recent fire that broke out at one of Nittobo's plants in Fukushima, Japan is expected to impact the already-tight supply of ABF substrates worldwide and push up quotes for them,...
Wednesday 24 June 2020
Unimicron may supply ABF substrates for new Macs with Apple silicon
Taiwan-based Unimicron Technology is being identified as the major ABF substrate supplier for Apple's new-generation Mac computers that will be powered by its in-house developed ARM-based...
Monday 11 May 2020
Zhen Ding, Unimicron looking to extend lead over peers via bold capex injection
The coronavirus pandemic may force many Taiwan-based PCB makers to slow down their capacity expansion plans in the short term due to uncertain market prospects, but Zhen Ding Technology...
Monday 24 February 2020
Taiwan PCB makers urged to accelerate capacity relocation amid outbreak
Taiwan's PCB makers are facing higher risks from the coronavirus outbreak thanks to relatively heavier production deployments in China than their peers in Japan and South Korea, prompting...
Friday 27 December 2019
Japan PCB industry output value continues to slide
The output value of Japan's PCB industry dropped 7.4% from a year earlier to JPY38.34 billion (US$1.27 billion) in October 2019, contracting for the 10th consecutive month, according...
Thursday 19 December 2019
Unimicron, Nan Ya may serve Chinese CPU makers with advanced ABF substrates
While China's homegrown processor makers are gearing up to develop new-generation solutions to serve huge domestic PC replacement demand, Taiwan-based Unimicron Technology and Nan...
Wednesday 20 November 2019
Anylayer HDI demand from Chinese handset vendors rising sharply
Chinese handset vendors are keen on utilizing anylayer HDI boards as mainboards for high-end smartphones adopting 7nm APs, and Taiwan-based PCB makers including Compeq Manufacturing...
Wednesday 13 November 2019
Nan Ya set to expand ABF substrate capacity in 2020
Nan Ya PCB has disclosed plans to invest an additional US$48 million in its factory in Kunshan, China, where the Taiwan-based company will expand ABF substrate production capacity...
Wednesday 6 November 2019
Two PCB makers expected to share bulk of SLP orders for next iPhone
Taiwanese PCB maker Zhen Ding Technology (ZDT) and Austrian peer AT&S are expected to together land at least 50-60% of substrate-like PCB orders for Apple's next iPhones to be...
Wednesday 18 September 2019
Huawei stepping up IC substrate purchases from Taiwan
Huawei is stepping up purchases of IC substrates from its Taiwan-based suppliers, including Unimicron Technology and Nan Ya PCB, according to industry sources.
Thursday 22 August 2019
ABF substrate demand to stay robust through 2020
ABF substrates have seen robust demand for processing 5G networking chips and high-performance computing chips since the start of 2019, but shipments of BT substrates for mobile chips...
Wednesday 7 August 2019
PCB makers increasing ABF substrate capacity
IC substrate suppliers are moving to allocate part of their substrate-like PCBs (SLP) capacity to support production of ABF substrates that see robust demand, according to industry...
Wednesday 26 June 2019
Unimicron, Na Ya to gain from high-specs ABF substrates in 2H19
The ever-growing demand for high-performance computing (HPC) chips to support 5G and AI applications is ushering in a long-missed market recovery for ABF substrates needed for high-end...
Thursday 30 May 2019
China overtakes Japan as world No. 2 PCB supplier
Taiwan has been the leader in the global PCB sector in terms of production value and technology development, and China has grown rapidly to unseat Japan as the world's second largest...