Wednesday 6 September 2023
Nvidia, Horizon Robotics account for 80% of self-driving chips enabling NOA in China
China-based autonomous driving chip developer Horizon Robotics is showcasing solutions for smart driving and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) powered by its Journey chip...
Wednesday 23 August 2023
Chinese startup Momenta reportedly recruits Oppo's disbanded chip design team to develop sef-driving ICs
China's autonomous driving startup Momenta reportedly has recruited the Oppo-disbanded Zeku chip design team to support its in-house chip development, and has also partnered with...
Thursday 15 June 2023
Horizon says development efficiency is the key to expanding from self-driving chips to software
Horizon Robotics is one of the few automotive-grade AI chip companies in China. Founder and CEO Kai Yu recently said software maturity can decide a business's life or death. As intelligent...
Tuesday 9 May 2023
China homegrown autonomous driving chips gaining ground in domestic market
China's automotive-grade chip suppliers Horizon Robotics Technology and Black Sesame Technologies are in a position to rival Nvidia and Texas Instruments (TI) in both high- and low-computing...
Friday 24 March 2023
BYD invests in China AI chip startup
China automaker BYD has newly invested in Chinese AI chip startup Kunlunxin Technology, aiming to enhance its deployment in automotive AI chips solutions.
Friday 24 March 2023
Horizon Robotics accelerates adoption of Navigate on Autopilot in China
Navigate on Autopilot (NoA) has become the standard feature of an intelligent car in recent years. China-based AI chip maker Horizon Robotics launched the Journey 5 chip, boasting...
Wednesday 26 October 2022
Great Wall Motor on track to build its own chips
Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor (GWM) has announced it will set up a fully-owned semiconductor subsidiary to foster its own chip design and manufacturing with a registered capital...
Tuesday 25 October 2022
TSMC, Samsung face difficulty in ramping up 3nm chip production
Both TSMC and Samsung Electronics are seeing their production scale for 3nm chips constrained due to difficulty in having good control of orders from big clients, and their capacity...
Friday 14 October 2022
VW to establish JV with China-based Horizon Robotics for autonomous driving push
Europe's largest automaker aims to reclaim edges in China by boosting its advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) technologies.