Tuesday 6 February 2024
China smartphone AP shipments, 4Q 2023


Tuesday 6 February 2024
MediaTek's share in Chinese smartphone AP shipments continues to increase in 1Q24
According to the survey and analysis by DIGITIMES Research, the shipment volume of Chinese smartphone AP in the fourth quarter of 2023 saw a quarter-on-quarter decrease of nearly...
Tuesday 16 January 2024
Huawei chip design arm HiSilicon launches RISC-V MCUs
Through a chipmaking affiliate, Huawei has recently released RISC-V architecture-based MCUs, thereby advancing into the market for edge AI devices.
Monday 8 January 2024
AI-driven MCU market surge sparks innovation in global and Chinese firms for edge AI
As we venture into 2024, the semiconductor supply chain continues to experience a robust surge propelled by the growth of AI.
Thursday 28 December 2023
HiSilicon regaining smartphone AP market share
Huawei subsidiary HiSilicon has regained market share by supplying its Kirin chips for Huawei's midrange and high-end smartphones, according to market observers.
Friday 20 October 2023
Cambricon and Huawei forge divergent paths in AI chip development amid prolonged US blacklisting
The recent update to the US government's chip ban has raised concerns about its potential impact on Chinese chipmakers, particularly in the realm of high-performance computing (HPC)...
Thursday 19 October 2023
Shenzhen becomes China's new semiconductor hub
Shenzhen, where Huawei and Tencent's headquarters are situated, has become the center of China's semiconductor industry. As more and more local semiconductor companies choose to set...
Monday 2 October 2023
Huawei's SoC layout and hidden efforts: examined through the lens of 'chip peace'
After Huawei's Mate 60 Pro, featuring the 7nm Kirin 9000S processor produced by SMIC, caused a stir, Dr. Burn-Jeng Lin, dean of the College of Semiconductor Research under Taiwan's...
Monday 2 October 2023
How long could Huawei still rely on Arm IP licensing amid US chip bans and RISC-V rise?
For the SoftBank-backed Arm that just completed a blockbuster IPO in the US in mid-September, China is a critical market contributing a quarter of its annual revenues for fiscal 2023,...
Monday 4 September 2023
Where does Huawei's Mate 60 Pro SoC come from?
Huawei's Mate 60 Pro recently made an unexpected debut, sparking curiosity among Chinese consumers that the model might not necessarily carry truly top-notch SoC specs. In a public...
Tuesday 4 July 2023
More Chinese IC players jump on Wi-Fi 6 bandwagon
China-based communication and networking chipmakers, including HiSilicon Technologies, Espressif Systems, Beken, and other startups, have stepped up R&D efforts to develop Wi-Fi...
Monday 26 June 2023
Oppo chip design failure casts shade over Chinese brand firms' chip pursuit
Oppo's IC design team, Zeku, abruptly ceased operations, shocking the semiconductor industry. There are rumors that, with the exception of Oppo's top executives, the Zeku team did...
Friday 26 May 2023
Developing advanced processes at SMIC could become an unrealized dream of co-CEO Liang Mong Song?
China's top foundry SMIC unexpectedly removed 14nm process service from its webstie home page, and its co-CEO Liang Mong Song, the key figure in charge of the company's development...
Monday 22 May 2023
Talent pool of Oppo's disbanded IC design arm attractive to Chinese peers
Since Oppo IC design arm Zeku Technology was disbanded on May 12, its huge talent pool has immediately become a hot target for midrange and high-end talent sought by Chinese IC design...
Friday 19 May 2023
Why are Huawei, SMIC taking different approaches against US curbs?
China's tech giant Huawei and top semiconductor foundry SMIC apparently adopt different approaches against US chip curbs. The former has just announced its successful development...