Monday 20 May 2024
Despite increased EV tariffs, BYD makes its way into US 'backyard'
The US recently raised tariffs on seven key industries in China, with EV imports seeing the biggest hike to 100%. Despite this, leading Chinese EV manufacturer BYD held a high-profile...
Monday 20 May 2024
Indian solar company gradually reducing China dependence
Indian solar energy company Orb Energy has reduced its reliance on Chinese components by over 20% in recent years, in line with the general trend of diversifying supply chains.
Monday 20 May 2024
Japanese initiative helps semiconductor material startups cross Death Valley
The Japanese government has introduced a Strategic Startup Promotion Plan (SIP) to address the challenges facing material and pharmaceutical startups.
Friday 17 May 2024
Generative AI is transforming the game 'from cloud to edge'
The internet giants are building comprehensive ecosystems, in which Generative AI (GenAI) plays a pivotal role. "From cloud to the edge" will be an inevitable trend.
Friday 17 May 2024
Samsung unveils its top five customers for 1Q24
Samsung Electronics has released its business report, revealing changes in its top five clients for the first quarter of 2024. In the latest report, two US-based companies, Bestbuy...
Friday 17 May 2024
ASML's secret sauce for semiconductor success amid challenges in the Angstrom Era
Moore's Law is not advancing as fast as it used to be under 2nm and even into the Angstrom level, and competitors are trying to catch up. Can ASML, the Dutch semiconductor equipment...
Friday 17 May 2024
ASEAN regions face looming labor shortages despite economic boom, logistics industry reveals
Ally Logistic Property (ALP), a Taiwan-based logistics developer actively expanding into the Southeast Asian market, has expressed concerns over the region's labor shortages.
Friday 17 May 2024
Inventories likely fall soon in global semiconductor industry
Recent data indicates an uptick in semiconductor industry inventories, particularly among top chip companies capitalizing on the AI trend. While China has witnessed a rise in listed...
Friday 17 May 2024
SMIC to slow capacity expansion from 2025 onward amid concerns over customer 'pre-pull'
Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) recently reported a robust momentum with a year-on-year revenue growth of about 20% in the first quarter of 2024, but...
Friday 17 May 2024
Honda will invest US$65 billion to accelerate EV ambition
Honda Motor is trying to catch up with its competitors in the global EV market. The Japanese automaker aims to inject JPY10 trillion (US$65 billion) into its EV efforts and launch...
Friday 17 May 2024
Nanoimprint lithography, Canon's entry ticket into advanced semiconductor market?
Canon's semiconductor equipment business, despite representing only 7.5% of its revenue in the fiscal year 2023 (January 2023 to December 2023), achieved a profit margin of 18.6%,...
Friday 17 May 2024
China chip demand is rebounding, but 2H24 outlook remains opaque
Orders from China's semiconductor firms may be turning strong.
Friday 17 May 2024
Topco sees strong orders from Chinese foundries
Topco Scientific, a Taiwan-based semiconductor material distributor, has seen a significant increase in orders from Chinese foundries whose 12-inch fab utilization rates have risen...
Thursday 16 May 2024
Microsoft's China AI teams face relocation amid US tightened restrictions
Microsoft's headquarters has reportedly instructed the head of its China division to require its Chinese AI developers to either relocate to countries such as the United States and...