Tuesday 7 May 2024
IC design houses upbeat about 2H24 prospects
Taiwan-based IC design houses are generally bullish about their market prospects for the second half of 2024, notwithstanding the persistently unfavorable macroeconomic climate, according...
Friday 3 May 2024
Elan expects chip demand for AI PCs to emerge as early as 4Q24
Touch controller chip and fingerprint sensor specialist Elan Microelectronics believes that demand for AI PCs will rise and ferment as early as the fourth quarter of 2024.
Tuesday 9 April 2024
Touch and fingerprint recognition chips to ride initial AI wave
As AI PCs become more common, touch and fingerprint recognition chips will lead the way among related ICs riding the initial AI PC wave, according to industry sources.
Friday 23 February 2024
AI to drive touchpad and fingerprint recognition growth, says Elan
Leading touch microcontroller maker Elan Microelectronics is reporting year-on-year increases in revenue and profits for the fourth quarter of 2023 due to inventory destocking and...
Tuesday 19 December 2023
PC peripheral IC suppliers gearing up for replacement demand
Suppliers of power management ICs (PMIC), touchpad controllers, and high-speed transmission processors are preparing to meet the demand generated by the upcoming wave of notebook...
Friday 15 December 2023
Automotive IC market to grow steadily in 2024
Even if global car sales remain flat in 2024, automotive chips are expected to have the most stable performance within the semiconductor market, according to sources at international...
Tuesday 5 December 2023
Taiwan-based manufacturing titans make bold pivots in the age of AI and semiconductors
The dynamic shifts in industrial competition have spurred I-Hau Yeh, Chairman of ELAN Microelectronics, to emphasize that innovation necessitates overcoming challenges across various...
Friday 3 November 2023
AI PC market unlikely to take off until 2025, says Elan
Notebook touch controller specialist Elan Microelectronics believes that the AI PC era has just begun and will not take off until 2025, after its first year of development.
Friday 6 October 2023
Taiwan PC IC designers report revenue increases for 3Q23
Taiwan-based PC IC design houses including Elan Microelectronics, Parade Technologies, and ZillTek Technology have observed significant sequential growth in their third-quarter revenues...
Friday 22 September 2023
IC design houses endure fierce competition from automotive IC IDMs
Despite the fierce competition among automotive IC IDMs promoting their respective highly integrated chip platforms, Taiwanese IC design companies continue to push through in the...
Friday 4 August 2023
Elan aims to perform better in 2024 than 2Q23 and 3Q23
Elan, a major manufacturer of touch IC, has reported strong 2Q23 performance that outpaced initial financial projections. The company attributed this success to a solid stream of...
Wednesday 2 August 2023
Outlook for different applications, new product launches for 2024 to be highlighted at IC designers' upcoming investors conferences
In the wake of MediaTek releasing its sales outlook for the second half of the year at a recent earnings call conference, other iconic domestic peers will take turns holding similar...
Monday 12 June 2023
Taiwan academia gearing up to help TSMC maintain leading edges
In helping TSMC maintain its leading edge, the government has approved funding support for a spate of R&D projects undertaken by academic research teams, aiming to fill related...
Tuesday 16 May 2023
IC design houses have diverse perspectives on China demand
While smartphone-related IC design houses continue to see sluggish demand from China and are generally bleak about market prospects for the rest of the year, other chip suppliers...
Friday 5 May 2023
Touch IC maker Elan says 2H23 visibility still unclear despite replenishment demand
Elan Microelectronics is seeing replenishment demand for Chromebooks and other notebook devices, which will buoy its sales performance in the second quarter, according to the touchscreen...