Tuesday 2 April 2024
Go champion who faced off against Google's AlphaGo says the rise of AI strips the games of artistry
Famed Go champion who once had a showdown with an AI says the advent of the technology has taken the artistry out of the game.
Wednesday 6 December 2023
DeepMind's AI Tool unveils 2 million crystal structures capable of powering supercomputers and EVs
Google DeepMind scientists, utilizing the AI tool GNoME, have revealed an astounding 2.2 million crystal structures. This discovery presents significant possibilities for progress...
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Fuel cell is pivotal for Taiwan's hydrogen industry, according to DIGITIMES Research
Silicon shield doesn't guarantee military deterrence for Taiwan, says DIGITIMES Research
Taiwan IPC makers pushing integrated services to boost profits and to see revenues grow in 2024, says DIGITIMES Research