Monday 13 May 2024
SMIC's gross margin declines hard due to cost of supporting Huawei
SMIC released its first-quarter financial report for 2024, with revenue performance showing a year-on-year increase of 19.7% to $1.75 billion, slightly better than market expectations...
Monday 13 May 2024
What does Boston Dynamics want to achieve with shift to electric?
Boston Dynamics, hailed as the pioneer of humanoid robots, recently announced that Atlas, its most iconic robot, would be retiring after a decade of development. However, shortly...
Monday 22 April 2024
High-NA EUV delay might cost Samsung its edge against Intel
Intel recently completed the assembly of the industry's first High-NA Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lithography equipment and announced plans to start producing 1nm-level semiconductors...
Tuesday 16 April 2024
PlayNitride to triple wafer capacity in 2024, projects MicroLEDs to cost less than OLEDs by 2030
Taiwanese MicroLED vendor PlayNitride is set to triple its wafer capacity by the end of 2024, chairman Charles Li has said at a recent investor conference, while also projecting that...
Thursday 28 March 2024
Elon Musk targets Optimus robot price to below half car's cost for mass market appeal
Tesla CEO Elon Musk has stated that the price of the Optimus humanoid robot should be kept below half the price of a car to achieve mass commercialization.
Friday 22 March 2024
Samsung's AI accelerator reportedly cost one-tenth the price of Nvidia GPU
Samsung Electronics recently announced the launch of its self-developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) accelerator, MACH-1.
Monday 11 March 2024
Experts disagree on cost and efficiency of High-NA EUV
At a recent meeting held in San Jose, California, experts expressed a diverging view on the future of EUV. Some believe that EUV, coupled with double patterning and advanced packaging,...
Thursday 7 March 2024
US chip kingpin Texas Instruments tells reporters about GaN automotive opportunities
The US semiconductor kingpin Texas Instruments (TI) held a media briefing to discuss the latest power density solutions, the potential expansion of Gallium Nitride (GaN) usage in...
Wednesday 6 March 2024
Japanese startups on track to make low-cost SiC power semiconductors
Semiconductor companies in Japan have been trying to reduce the costs of silicon carbide (SiC) and other power semiconductors. Startups Gaianixx and UJ-Crystal are part of the effo...
Thursday 2 June 2011
Solartech May revenues decrease 42% on month
Solartech has announced May revenues down 42% on month. According to Solartech, the solar market has been weak around the world causing capacity utilization rates to decrease to 60-70%...
Tuesday 24 May 2011
Cost of polysilicon will drop to US$50/kg in 2H11, says Gigastorage
Taiwan-based optical disc and solar wafer maker, Gigastorage, stated it will be possible to lower the cost of polysilicon to $50/kg in the second half of 2011 because 90% of its polysilicon...
Tuesday 28 April 2009
Polarizer maker Optimax suspends plant to reduce cost
Taiwan-based polarizer maker Optimax Technology will suspend its plant at the Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) beginning on June 30, 2009, and shift all production to its Pingzhen...
Wednesday 18 March 2009
Ramtron initiates restructuring and cost reductions
Ramtron International, a supplier of nonvolatile ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM), has announced that it has initiated restructuring and cost reduction actions to strengthen...
Monday 2 February 2009
BlackBerry Storm carries combined BOM and manufacturing cost of US$202, iSuppli estimates
The BlackBerry Storm 9530 from Research in Motion (RIM) carries a combined materials and manufacturing cost of US$202.89, according to a teardown conducted by iSuppli. This cost includes...