Monday 7 June 2010
Computex 2010 estimated to bring in total trade value of US$23 billion
Computex Taipei 2010 which took place during June 1-5 will bring in an estimated total sales transaction of US$23 billion at least for exhibitors of which most were Taiwan-based enterprises,...
Monday 7 June 2010
Impression: The rise of e-book readers and 3D TVs?
I can't say I was too impressed by the display gadgets shown at the just concluded Computex 2010. Actually I didn't expect much before going to the show.
Monday 7 June 2010
Computex 2010: Shuttle showcases two all-in-one PCs and power-saving technology
Shuttle showcased two all-in-one PCs the X40, without support for a touch screen and X50V with a multi-touch configuration at Computex 2010 as well as its self-developed iCO2 power...
Monday 7 June 2010
Computex 2010: AzureWave debuts solutions for 60GHz WirelessHD technology
The era of WirelessHD is here! AzureWave Technologies, Inc, a global leading wireless solution provider, has debuted full line of 60GHz WirelessHD modules at Computex 2010. The sophisticated...
Friday 4 June 2010
Computex 2010: China-based white-box PC makers seek to improve company image
China-based white-box PC makers such as CZC Technology and Malata are showcasing their notebooks and branded products at Computex 2010 hoping to improve their company and product...
Friday 4 June 2010
ECS to ship 8-inch e-book readers in September
In addition to its 9.7-inch E-Ink-based e-book reader, Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) noted that the company will start mass producing an 8-inch version in September to fulfill...
Friday 4 June 2010
Computex 2010: Booth tour of IT players
Although the spotlight at Computex Taipei 2010 has focused on tablet PCs, e-book readers and 3D products, the show has almost been foremost a PC and peripheral showcase and Taiwan's...
Friday 4 June 2010
A changing PC usage model: Discussing market opportunities for MeeGo with Novell
On June 1, Novell announced that it will release Suse MeeGo as a fully supported operating system (OS) for netbooks. MeeGo is built on the codestream from the MeeGo Project, the Linux-based...
Friday 4 June 2010
Computex 2010: Touch panel players showcase latest touchscreen technologies
Touchscreen products are one of the focuses during Computex Taipei 2010, despite there being no special section dedicated to the segment. But with vendors of handheld devices such...
Friday 4 June 2010
Computex 2010: Taiwan network equipment makers complete for spotlight
At Computex 2010, Taiwan-based network equipment makers are presenting their solutions for use in digital home applications, cloud computing and smart grids.
Friday 4 June 2010
Computex 2010: Pegatron showcasing in-house designed products
Pegatron Technology has showcased its tablet PCs, e-book readers and handsets designed by the company's designing team, Pega D&E.
Friday 4 June 2010
Computex 2010: China-based Malata to start mass producing e-book readers in August
China-based PC player Malata plans to start the mass production of its e-book readers in August and will offer both Wintel and ARM-based designs, according to the company.
Friday 4 June 2010
Computex 2010: A look at the e-book readers
The surging popularity of e-book readers have sent many vendors and makers jumping on he bandwagon. At Computex 2010, there is an E-Reading section (booth C510) showcasing the latest...
Friday 4 June 2010
Taiwan handset companies at Computex 2010
With the rise of various consumer electronics exhibitions, Computex Taipei is no longer the time and place for handset companies to release their annual main attractions.
Thursday 3 June 2010
Computex 2010: AzureWave exhibits latest mobile Internet, wireless entertainment solutions
With the demand for and ubiquity of notebook computers and smartphones, wireless transmission capabilities have become standard equipment on mobile devices, and consumers are now...