Wednesday 29 May 2024
The future of robotics: collaboration and humanoids on the rise
The robotics industry is on the cusp of significant transformation, driven by two major trends: human-robot collaboration and the emergence of humanoid robots. Once thought to be...
Friday 15 December 2023
Cobot industry anticipates prosperity next year after a dismal 2023
The collaborative robot (cobot) industry is looking toward a promising 2024 after a year of poor performance. Industry leader Universal Robots (UR) has seen a year-on-year decline...
Wednesday 13 December 2023
Taiwanese robot makers showcase key technologies at Japan's iREX event
As the world's most important robot technology exhibition, the 2023 Tokyo International Robot Exhibition (iREX) is considered the largest in history. With the current global surge...
Thursday 24 August 2023
Techman Robot showcases advanced AI cobots amidst industry revenue decline
Techman Robot showcased its AI multi-functional smart cobot "TM AI Cobot" at Automation Taipei (opened on August 23), displaying the great potential of the technology. The industry...
Tuesday 16 May 2023
Future of work spending in Asia Pacific to reach US$196.2 billion by 2026, says IDC
According to a recent IDC Asia Pacific, excluding Japan, Future of Work (FoW) market forecast, 2022-2026, Asia Pacific excluding Japan FoW spending is forecasted to grow at a CAGR...
Tuesday 21 March 2023
Techman Robot upbeat about 2023 prospects
Collaborative robot (cobot) maker Techman Robot has expressed optimism about its operations in 2023, during which the company will promote its AI-capable offering.
Friday 3 February 2023
Universal Robots, Techman positive about cobot demand in Taiwan
Universal Robots (UR) and Techman Robot, the world's top two collaborative robot (cobot) suppliers, are optimistic about the growth potential of the overall and Taiwan markets.
Friday 26 August 2022
Techman promotes AI robots as post-pandemic demand rises
Techman Robot, a Taiwan-based provider of collaborative robots (cobot), will promote its new AI-capable robots and is gearing up for post-pandemic business opportunities, according...
Wednesday 29 September 2021
Robotic arms get smarter with better hand-eye coordination
The global manufacturing industry is facing several challenges right now, including a manpower shortage and a lack of diversity in production methods. As such, a large number of production...
Wednesday 15 September 2021
Cobot market outlook promising
The long-term outlook for collaborative robot (cobot) demand is promising, as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic spurs automation, according to Ho Shi-chi, chairman of Taiwan-based cobot...
Tuesday 2 March 2021
Universal Robots, Techman optimistic about 2021 cobot demand
Denmark-based Universal Robots and Taiwan-based Techman Robot - the world's top-2 collaborative robot vendors - are both optimistic about global demand in 2021.
Wednesday 14 October 2020
Demand for cobots far short of expectation in 2020
Global demand for collaborative robots in 2020 has been disappointing, faling far short of expectation due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to industry sources.
Friday 31 July 2020
Pandemic weakens global cobot demand
Global demand for collaborative robots has turned weak due to the coronavirus pandemic and the stagnancy is expected to remain until year-end 2020 or early 2021, according to Mark...
Friday 14 February 2020
Harmonized human-robot collaboration key to Industry 4.0, says Omron executive
Despite automation equipment, robotic arms and AGVs (automated guided vehicles), manual operation is still necessary for some manufacturing industries and thus harmonized collaboration...
Tuesday 2 July 2019
Collaborative robots face dilemma between human safety and working speed
Demand for collaborative robots is fast growing because they are safer to human workers than conventional industrial robots. But the priority given to safety, which is restricting...