Monday 2 December 2013
Taiwan market: BenQ launches A3, F3 smartphones
Taiwan-based vendor BenQ has launched two Android smartphone models, A3 and F3, for contract-bundled sale by Chunghwa Telecom (CHT).
Wednesday 6 November 2013
Chimei Materials, BenQ Materials report profits for January-September
Polarizer maker Chimei Materials Technology recorded consolidated revenues of over NT$13.95 billion (US$469 million), gross margin of 17.15%, net profit of NT$1.923 billion and net...
Thursday 24 October 2013
BenQ to see 10% LCD monitor sales growth in 2013 despite Taiwan LCD monitor market shrinking 10-15%
Although Taiwan's LCD monitor market is expected to drop to 900,000 units in 2013, down 10-15% from around one million units in 2012, BenQ expects to see 10% growth in shipments both...
Friday 18 October 2013
Taiwan market: BenQ to make comeback in handset sector
BenQ, which phased out of the handset market in the second half of 2008, is expected to make a comeback into the sector later in 2013 with a series of smartphones reportedly manufactured...
Wednesday 9 October 2013
Taiwan market: BenQ aims at 50% market share for home-use projectors in 2013
Taiwan-based vendor BenQ aims to ship 5,000 home-use projectors in the Taiwan market for a market share of at least 50% in 2013, according to the company.
Thursday 12 September 2013
BenQ announces new 65-inch commercial displays
BenQ has announced new 65-inch commercial displays that feature 5.6mm bezels along with display and touch panel technology from AU Optronics (AUO).
Friday 2 August 2013
Taiwan market: BenQ sees increased sales of LCD TVs and monitors
BenQ saw its LCD TV sales grow 20% during the first half of 2013 in the Taiwan market while its LCD monitor sales grew 24%.
Thursday 18 July 2013
Taiwan market: BenQ looks to release WCG TV products in 2H13
BenQ does not have plans to release Ultra HD TVs later in 2013 and instead is looking to release wide color gamut (WCG) TV products, according to general manager of BenQ's Technology...
Tuesday 16 July 2013
Taiwan market: BenQ to focus on smart device production in 2H13
BenQ will not release Ultra HD TVs in the second half of 2013, but instead will focus on releasing smart devices, including TVs, monitors and projectors, according to industry sour...
Tuesday 21 May 2013
BenQ Materials expects performance to improve in 2Q13
BenQ Materials, a subsidiary of AU Optronics (AUO) that largely focuses on producing polarizer products, expects its performance to improve on quarter during the second quarter 2013,...
Friday 29 March 2013
BenQ to release Full HD 3D projectors in 2013
BenQ will release Full HD 3D short focal projectors in 2013 and aims to sell them within commercial, education and entertainment segments, according to general manager of BenQ's Technology...
Tuesday 26 March 2013
BenQ looks to bump up monitor market share; may release Ultra HD models in 2013
BenQ is looking to bump up its LCD monitor market share in Taiwan to 12% during 2013 by releasing more large-size products.
Tuesday 26 February 2013
Taiwan market: BenQ expects large-size TV sales to increase in 2013
BenQ sold over 10,000 65-inch LCD TVs in January 2013 and expects sales of it 50-inch and above size TV to make up approximately 15% of the company's overall TV sales during the year,...
Wednesday 16 January 2013
Taiwan market: BenQ hopes to bump up shipments proportion of 50-inch and above TVs
BenQ hopes to bump up its shipments proportion of 50-inch and above size flat screen TVs to 15% or 120,000 units in 2013 in line with expected demand, according to industry sources...
Wednesday 16 January 2013
LCD monitor vendors to continue releasing more value-added products, say sources
LCD monitor vendors are expected to continue releasing more value-added large-size monitors in 2013 aimed at niche markets as a way to keep up their profits, according to industry...