Thursday 12 April 2018
CMC Magnetics expects growing demand for BD, archive optical discs
Blank optical disc maker CMC Magnetics expects global demand for blank Blu-ray Disc (BD) and DVD archive optical discs to steadily increase over the next five years and it has been...
Thursday 4 June 2015
Cloud computing, Big Data analysis to drive demand for BD discs, say Taiwan optical disc makers
Fast growth in cloud computing and Big Data analysis is expected to drive demand for Blu-ray discs in 2016, according to Taiwan-based blank optical disc makers.
Wednesday 3 June 2015
CMC Magnetics lands orders for 100GB BD discs from Facebook
Blank optical disc maker CMC Magnetics has obtained orders for 100GB Blu-ray Disc (BD) discs from Facebook and expects other providers of Internet services to follow suit, according...
Monday 10 June 2013
Blu-ray demand to rise due to popularity of Ultra HD TVs, says CMC chairman
The increasing use of Ultra HD LCD TVs and content is expected to hike global demand for Blu-ray Disc (BD), according to chairman Robert Wong for Taiwan-based blank optical disc maker...
Monday 14 May 2012
Global demand for BD discs may grow to 400 million units in 2012, says PIDA
Taiwan-based Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA) has indicated global demand for Blu-ray Disc (BD) discs is likely to grow from 210 million units in...
Thursday 8 September 2011
Optical disc maker CMC Magnetics expects 10% growth in 3Q11 revenues
Optical disc maker CMC Magnetics expects its third-quarter revenues to grow 10% sequentially and is also expected to turn a profit, as second-tier disc makers are gradually phasing...
Tuesday 24 May 2011
Taiwan BD makers facing strong competition from India-based MBI
Despite global Blu-ray disc (BD) sales are rising in 2011, since Taiwan-based BD makers including CMC Magnetics and Ritek, will only have limited capacity growth in 2011, while competitor...
Thursday 17 March 2011
Taiwan market: Blu-ray expected to see 10% share of media player shipments in 2011
Shipments of Blu-ray disc players in Taiwan in 2010 reached only around 30,000 units, accounting for less than 5% of the total media player shipments of 630,000 units; however, sources...
Monday 7 March 2011
Global demand for blank Blu-ray Discs to grow to 412 million units in 2013, says JRIA
The global demand for blank Blu-ray Discs (BD) in 2010 was estimated at 113 million units, up 156.82% from 2009, and is projected to be continue growing to 412 million discs in 2013,...
Wednesday 19 January 2011
Taiwan optical disc production value expected to rise in 2011
Although total unit shipments to the global optical disc market are shrinking, the growth for the Blu-ray Disc (BD) segment is expected to boost Taiwan-based makers' production value...
Tuesday 23 November 2010
Blu-ray disc drive penetration will not see giant boost
Although the price of the Blu-ray disc (BD) drives has already dropped from US$100 to about US$70-80, market penetration of BD drives in 2010 is unlikely to see strong growth compared...
Thursday 30 September 2010
Taiwan expected to become the largest Blu-ray disc maker by the end of 2010
Although Taiwan currently only has two makers, Ritek and CMC Magnetics, manufacturing Blu-ray discs, as the Japanese Yen exchange rate appreciates, Japan-based makers are starting...
Tuesday 14 September 2010
CMC Magnetics obtains 6x 50GB Blu-ray Disc-R DL certification
CMC Magnetics, the largest Taiwan-based maker of blank optical discs, on September 13 announced it has obtained certification from the Blu-ray Disc (BD) Association for its 50GB single-sided...
Wednesday 1 September 2010
CMC expects proportion of revenues for Blu-ray Disc to exceed 50% in 2012
Taiwan-based optical disc maker CMC Magnetics expects the proportion of its consolidated revenues for Blu-ray Disc (BD) discs to reach 10% in 2010, increase to 20-25% in 2011 and...
Wednesday 21 July 2010
CMC, Ritek no plans to offer Blu-ray XL
While Japan-based Sharp and TDK will launch 100GB Blu-ray Disc (BD) XL discs in late July and September 2010 respectively, CMC Magnetics and Ritek, the two largest Taiwan-based makers...