Tuesday 15 June 2021
ASC 100: Toyota No. 1 by revenue; half of top 50 with strongest revenue growth are Chinese firms
Digitimes, an Asia-based premium source of tech supply information, has just released its 2021 Asia Supply Chain 100 (ASC100)...
Tuesday 15 June 2021
ASC 100: Digitimes identifies 3 major trends that will reshape global supply chains
Digitimes, an Asia-based premium source of tech supply chain information, undertook a six-month study on the financial reports of 4,725 publicly listed corporations across 11 countries...
Friday 11 June 2021
Vietnam establishes 25 new industrial parks in first 5 months of 2021
In the first five months of 2021, 25 new industrial parks were established in Vietnam, a significant increase from the first-half 2020's six, according to research by US-based CBRE...
Friday 4 June 2021
Notebook demand robust in Asia Pacific, says Acer
Notebook demand in the Asia-Pacific region has been robust with no signs of reversal, according to Andrew Hou, Acer president of Pan Asia Pacific.
Thursday 3 June 2021
Foxconn to form electric vehicle JV with Thailand's PTT in 2H21
Foxconn Technology Group (Hon Hai) will form a joint venture with PTT, Thailand's majority state-owned oil and gas company, in the second half of 2021 as part of their memorandum...
Thursday 3 June 2021
Passive component vendors may see production in Malaysia disrupted
Malaysia is where a number of Japan- and Taiwan-based passive component vendors operate their regional factory sites, and their production may be disrupted by an ongoing two-week...
Tuesday 1 June 2021
Thailand unicorn may appear by year-end 2021
Because of the coronavirus pandemic, investors in Thailand have turned their investment targets to enterprises in the stage of growth, resulting in a reduction in number of loans...
Tuesday 1 June 2021
Vietnam telecommunications market experiences setback in 2020
Combined sales of Vietnam-based telecom operators experienced a decline of 13.6% to VND315.2 billion (US$13.55 million) in 2020, thanks to a saturation of the telecommunication market...
Tuesday 1 June 2021
JCET acquires ADI Singapore test facility
Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology (JCET), the largest China-based provider of outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT), has announced its takeover of Analog Devices'...
Monday 31 May 2021
Vietnam stepping up IC industry development
Vietnam is stepping up the development of its homegrown semiconductor industry, which will be a potential driver of its future exports growth.
Monday 31 May 2021
Manufacturing: China plus ASEAN
The COVID-19 pandemic has undersocred the world's over-reliance on China's manufacturing capacity, and accelerated the diversification of the global supply chain, with many firms...
Friday 28 May 2021
Manufacturing: ASEAN vs China
Globalization has changed the ways how supply chains are managed but has also increased risks. Southeast Asia is promising to be a major alternative for supply chains seeking to diversify...
Friday 28 May 2021
Delta Thailand pushing robot business
Delta Electronics (Thailand) is developing robots for precision assembly and hazardous environments, and for safety reasons, the company's automation development is mainly heading...
Thursday 27 May 2021
Vietnam mobile e-commerce to reach US$7 billion in 2021 revenues
Revenues generated from Vietnam's mobile e-commerce industry are expected to reach US$7 billion in 2021 revenues and will surpass those of the desktop e-commerce sector in 2022, according...
Thursday 27 May 2021
Taiwan PCB makers unlikely to gain from CMK suspending production in Thailand
Japan's major automotive PCB maker CMK has decided to suspend production at its plant in Thailand for one week after 10 employees were infected with COVID-19 virus, but Taiwan-based...