Thursday 2 December 2021
Southeast Asian customers switch from mom-and-pop stores to online stores
The global supply chain went through fundamental changes during the pandemic and these changes are perpetuated by the growing demand for local products – especially for food...
Thursday 2 December 2021
Cloud service providers CloudMile, eCloudvalley expand Southeast Asian operations
Datacenters are opening at a rapid pace in ASEAN countries. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is building new data centers in Jakarta, Indonesia; Microsoft has plans to set up Azure datacenters...
Friday 19 November 2021
ASEAN FinTech firms raise record US$3.5 billion from January to September
FinTech firms in ASEAN have raised a record total of US$3.5 billion from January to September this year, growing more than 300% when compared to the whole year of 2020, according...
Saturday 6 November 2021
Industry leaders discuss resilient supply chains for the future on NATEA US-Taiwan High-Tech Forum
A resilient semiconductor supply chain is pivotal to the global economy, and the world has learned it the hard way over the past two years. Industry leaders who spoke on the US-Taiwan...
Thursday 4 November 2021
Singapore offers strong incentives to attract startups
Startboard, a Taiwan-based startup incubator, hosted a Singapore-themed evening on October 29th in Taipei on why it makes sense to start a business in Singapore for startups.
Friday 8 October 2021
Taiwanese companies triple investment in ASEAN
Taiwanese companies are investing in ASEAN more than in China this year. From January to August this year, investment in ASEAN countries has nearly tripled, compared to the same period...
Thursday 30 September 2021
Malaysia to issue five digital bank licenses in early 2022
The Central Bank of Malaysia is set to issue five digital bank licenses for the first time in early 2022 and the move is expected to push the country to become one of the leaders...
Tuesday 24 August 2021
VinFast partners with Gotion in LFP battery cell R&D
Vietnam's VinFast has disclosed it has signed an MoU with China's Gotion High-Tech, focusing on the procurement of Gotion's LFP batteries and discussion of the possibility of establishing...
Monday 16 August 2021
Southeast Asia roundup: Foreign investment pours in Thailand and Vietnam; Realme snatched the highest smartphone market share in the Philippines
Vietnam's semiconductor industry is expected huge growth over the course of five years. Despite being stricken by COVID-19, northern Vietnam attracts continuous foreign investment...
Tuesday 10 August 2021
Vietnam bans 2G and 3G handsets
Vietnam has banned imports and production of 2G and 3G handsets, but has plans to give 2.1 million smartphones to low-income families during 2021-2025, according to Vietnamnet<...
Monday 9 August 2021
Southeast Asia roundup: Apple strengthens Vietnam supply chain; COVID disrupts production
Apple is seeking to hiring more managers to accelerate the development of its supply chain in Vietnam. Meanwhile, the wosrening COVID pandemic in Southeast Asia is disrupting local...
Friday 6 August 2021
OSATs, power chips makers gain shifted orders from ASEAN
Shortages of automotive MOSFET and power management ICs are getting worse as many IDMs including Infinenon and On-Semi are operating at reduced capacity at their plants in Malaysia,...
Wednesday 4 August 2021
Vietnam to be third largest startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia, says Golden Gate Venture
Vietnam is expected to be the third biggest startup ecosystem by 2022, according to Golden Gate Ventures. There will be over 300 IPOs in 2030 in Vietnam, nearly three times the number...
Monday 2 August 2021
Southeast Asia roundup: COVID surge disrupts car production, prompts new rail route for cargo
A surge in COVID infections in Southeast Asia is hitting Japanese carmakers' production in the region. And COVID-inflicted disruptions to logistics services have prompted Vietnam...
Thursday 29 July 2021
ASC 100: Fabrinet, optical transceiver manufacturer, makes to the top 10 employers in Thailand
Fabrinet is one of the world's largest manufacturers of optical transceivers. Headquartered in George Town, Cayman island, Fabrinet was founded in 2000 by Seagate co-founder David...