Thursday 14 March 2019
Taiwan graphics card shipments from 2006-2019
The discrete graphics card market in 2008 was dominated by two major GPU players – AMD with its ATI Radeon HD series and Nvidia with its GeForce series.
Tuesday 6 March 2018
Acer reportedly mulls buying Albatron shares
Acer is reportedly considering buying a stake in IPC developer Albatron Technology or fully acquiring the company in order to quickly gain access to the cryptocurrency mining and...
Friday 18 June 2010
Gigabyte and Biostar announce profit for 2009
Taiwan-based Gigabyte Technology has announced net profits of NT$2.04 billion (US$63.3 million) for 2009. Revenues for 2009 totaled NT$43.91 billion with EPS of NT$3.24.
Thursday 10 June 2010
Albatron sees on-month drop in May revenues
Taiwan-based second-tier motherboard maker Albatron Technology has announced revenues of NT$57.49 million (US$1.77 million), down 39.1% on month, but up 36.11% on year. However, the...
Monday 15 March 2010
Albatron announces on-month increase in February revenues
Second-tier motherboard maker Albatron Technology has posted revenues of NT$50.8 million (US$1.6 million) for February, up slightly by 0.76% on month, but down 13.96% on year. The...
Monday 26 October 2009
Albatron launches 42-inch optical touch monitor
Albatron Technology has released a 42-inch Albatron optical touch monitor amid the launch of Windows 7.
Wednesday 8 July 2009
Albatron unveils IPC motherboard
Albatron Technology has unveiled the K3780E motherboard with accompanying I/O board.
Thursday 4 June 2009
Computex 2009: Albatron product lineup ranges from mini barebones to touchscreen LCD IPCs
Taiwan-based Albatron has an interesting history. Although the company has been included with second-tier motherboard makers in the past, the original strength of the company was...
Tuesday 17 March 2009
Albatron launches a PCIe x1-based graphics card for IPC market
Albatron Technology has unveiled a new product, the Albatron GeForce 9500GT PCI-E 1X graphics card, to deliver multimedia performance to general consumers as well as for IPC clients...
Tuesday 3 February 2009
Several Taiwan PC players to not attend CeBIT this year
Several Taiwan-based motherboard makers have decided to not attend CeBIT 2009, since recent shows have not provided as much of a marketing benefit as in earlier years, according to...
Thursday 23 October 2008
Nvidia says no truth to rumors it plans to cut off GPU supply to second-tier makers
With rumors circulating recently that Nvidia is planning to cut off supply of graphics processing units (GPU) to second-tier makers, Nvidia has officially refuted the rumor saying...
Monday 6 October 2008
Albatron announces mini-ITX motherboard supporting AM2+ CPUs
Albatron Technology has announced the KI780G mini-ITX motherboard featuring the AMD 780G chipset. The mini-ITX board's most distinguishing feature is its AM2+ socket and support for...
Thursday 28 August 2008
Albatron and Leadtek launch GeForce 9400 GT-based card
Leadtek Research announced the launch of the latest graphics cards in the mainstream series - the WinFast PX9400 GT. The new graphics cards are designed with Leadtek's exclusive performance-driven...
Monday 25 August 2008
Albatron unveils mini tablet PC with touch screen
Albatron Technology is gearing up to roll out its first mini tablet PC – Tee PC – which features a 400MHz ARM926 CPU, 128MB of NAND flash memory for storage and 128MB...
Friday 11 July 2008
Albatron unveils GeForce 8-series graphics cards for PCI slots
Albatron Technology has unveiled three new Nvidia GeForce 8-series graphics cards that use the practically outdated PCI slot. While the appeal of the PCI8600GT-256X, the PCI8500GT-256X...