Wednesday 17 April 2024
Edge AI and mobility trends stoking demand for rugged computers
As Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications continue to materialize, there is an increasing demand for rugged computing products. This has enabled numerous Industrial PC (IPC) makers,...
Wednesday 17 April 2024
IC design houses bullish about ASPs driven by AI PCs
AI PCs and other innovative designs are expected to drive demand for chip specification enhancements, and related average selling prices (ASP) will only climb, according to IC design...
Tuesday 16 April 2024
Taiwan Generative AI Applications Hackathon kicks off - contestants to use cloud computing and latest Claude 3 LLM to develop generative AI applications
The Taiwan Generative AI Applications Hackathon is kicking off. The contest aims to showcase Generative AI application examples based on cloud computing and the latest Claude 3 large...
Tuesday 16 April 2024
CCL makers optimistic about demand for AI applications
Copper-clad laminate (CCL) manufacturers are confident about the demand for AI applications as they actively delve into the supply chain for AI servers.
Friday 12 April 2024
Android adoption of Gemini for gen AI


Thursday 11 April 2024
PCB market to boom later this year, says TPCA chair
Taiwan's PCB and IC substrate market will first stagnate before seeing a sharp increase in 2024, according to Maurice Lee, chairman of the Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA)...
Wednesday 10 April 2024
GPU lead times shortened, says Dell Taiwan
The supply of Graphics Processing Units (GPU) has been less constricted, resulting in delivery lead times dropping from 40-52 weeks at the end of 2023 to 8-12 weeks, according to...
Monday 8 April 2024
NPU applications grow in AI era
Neural Processing Units (NPU) are being introduced into all types of SoCs to improve the performance of AI applications in the new AI era, with leading SoC manufacturers and IDMs...
Monday 8 April 2024
IPC makers eyeing AI application services as new profit path
The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has prompted Industrial PC (IPC) manufacturers to expedite the transformation and enhancement of their business models, with a keen focus...
Wednesday 27 March 2024
Memory module house Innodisk bullish about 2024 growth
Industrial memory module specialist Innodisk has voiced optimism about its operations in 2024, citing solid demand for AI device applications.

According to Randy Chien,...
Wednesday 27 March 2024
Quartz and other passive component demand promising for AI device applications
The market outlook for quartz crystal and other passive components, such as inductors and capacitors, is positive amid rapidly expanding AI device applications.
Wednesday 20 March 2024
Generative AI will bring in a decade-long golden age for Taiwanese supply chain, says DIGITIMES VP
DIGITIMES Vice President Eric Huan Huang says despite the potential for AI development to become overinflated, there are significant growth opportunities in the future for AI appli...
Monday 11 March 2024
BenQ Taiwan GM discusses GenAI technologies and their implications for edge devices
In the rapidly evolving landscape of AI technology, BenQ Taiwan's General Manager, Steve Yang, commends the continued advancement of AI applications within a year but notes that there...
Thursday 7 March 2024
Smart cockpit becomes most critical feature for future cars, Suntek says
Taiwan-based Suntek Group, a car dealer and after-sales provider, opened a new Skoda showroom and service center on March 6. Ray Wu, Suntek's CEO, said the smart cockpit will be the...
Thursday 7 March 2024
Wistron ITS secures orders from major client, eyes AI push
Wistron Information Technology and Services (Wistron ITS) battled through headwinds in 2023 to emerge stronger, according to chairman and CEO Ching Hsiao. For 2024, massive opportunities...
Summary of Tech Supply Chain News!
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