Tuesday 2 April 2024
SiC powder supplier Acme to expand production capacity
Acme Electronics, a Taiwan-based SiC power supplier, plans to double its production capacity to satisfy the strong demand for SiC semiconductors.
Wednesday 17 March 2021
Passive component materials vendors upbeat about 1H21
Taiwan's passive component materials suppliers are expected to embrace a particularly strong first-half in 2021 thanks to robust demand for notebook, handset, networking and automotive...
Tuesday 3 December 2013
Sapphire ingot supplier Acme to return to profitability in 4Q13
Buoyed by rising sales generated by its sapphire ingot-making subsidiary USI Optronics, ferrite core maker Acme Electronics is expected to return to profitability in the fourth quarter...
Friday 21 September 2012
Rising sapphire ingot demand to boost Acme 3Q12 sales
Acme Electronics is expected to report flat or slight sequential growth in consolidated revenues for the third quarter of 2012, buoyed by rising sales generated by sapphire ingot-making...
Friday 15 June 2012
Sapphire ingot prices poised to move upward, says USI
Prices for sapphire ingots have stopped falling recently in light of the rising sapphire substrate prices, according to sapphire ingot supplier USI Optronics.
Tuesday 24 April 2012
Sapphire ingot maker USI Optronics seeing orders pick up
USI Optronics is seeing order visibility for sapphire ingots extend to two months on a pick-up in LED lighting demand, according to its parent company Acme Electronics.
Thursday 22 March 2012
Sapphire ingot prices stabilize
Prices of sapphire ingots have stabilized recently but overall demand has not yet recovered to a level that will warrant makers to hike quotes.
Friday 17 February 2012
Acme cautious on sapphire ingot outlook
Despite a pick-up in orders, Acme Electronics remains wary on the outlook for sapphire ingots citing low pricing that has not recovered.
Friday 30 December 2011
Acme introduces 120KG sapphire ingot growing furnace
Taiwan-based sapphire ingot growing firm Acme has announced a 120KG crystal ingot growing furnace that can produce sapphire substrates for large-size LEDs.
Wednesday 10 August 2011
Sapphire crystal firms see weak July sales
Weak demand for LED backlight modules has been affecting upstream sapphire crystal growing and substrate firms. According to industry sources, the price of 2-inch sapphire substrates...
Tuesday 19 July 2011
Acme 3Q11 revenues to be affected by sapphire ingot subsidiary
The third-quarter revenue outlook for passive component maker Acme Electronics is flat as its performance is likely to be affected by a slump at its sapphire ingot subsidiary USI...
Friday 24 June 2011
Sapphire ingot prices to fall to US$14-15/mm in 3Q11
Prices for sapphire ingots, a material for making LED chips, have declined more than 20% to less than US$20/mm in the second quarter of 2011, according to industry sources. Prices...
Tuesday 31 May 2011
Price of sapphire ingots continues to fall
Inventory backlogs at downstream firms have been causing the price of sapphire ingots to fall continuously. Sapphire ingots are an upstream material for the LED industry and due to...
Thursday 14 April 2011
Ferric core maker Acme reports explosion at plant
Taiwan-based Acme Electronics, which produces mainly ferrite cores, has reported an explosion at its plant in Miaoli County, northern Taiwan. Seven employees were injured.
Thursday 10 March 2011
Sapphire ingot prices to remain unchanged in 2Q11
Prices of sapphire ingots for the second quarter of 2011 are expected to stay at the same levels as those in the first quarter as current sapphire ingot supplies are still falling...