Monday 5 September 2022
Networking supply chain upbeat about market prospects ahead
Upstream core chips suppliers and downstream system makers of the networking communications segment are all optimistic that market demand remains very strong in the short or longer...
Thursday 4 August 2022
Network device suppliers see order visibility stretch into 2H23
Taiwan-based network device makers are optimistic about their business prospects for the second half of 2022 and beyond, thanks to clear order visibility through the second half of...
Friday 22 July 2022
Network device makers expanding production capacities
Taiwan-based networking device makers including Accton Technology, Arcadyan Technology and Sercomm have continued expanding their production capacities to satisfy the still-robust...
Thursday 7 July 2022
Networking/communication makers see increased June revenues
Networking/communication device makers generally saw June consolidated revenues increase sequentially and on year, with Sercomm, Alpha Networks and Hitron Technologies hitting respective...
Wednesday 6 July 2022
Network chip shortage to improve in 2H22
Delivery lead times for network chips are still as long as 52 weeks, but supply volume has significantly increased. Shortages will continue to improve in the second half of 2022,...
Friday 24 June 2022
Global economic downturn stoking demand for cloud services
The ongoing global economic downturn is helpful to business improvements at providers of cloud services, mainly because enterprises will cut expenses on ground-end hardware installations...
Monday 20 June 2022
Accton begins to ship 400G switches
Networking/communication device maker Accton Technology has begun to ship 400G switches, with their shipment ratio expected to reach 5-10% in 2022 and way over 10% in 2023, according...
Friday 17 June 2022
Device assemblers keen to expand smart manufacturing amid labor shortage
Labor shortage has become a new normal at manufacturing industries worldwide in the post-pandemic era, and this is driving device assemblers including notebook ODMs and network device...
Friday 17 June 2022
Accton to expand production in Vietnam, India
Accton Technology plans to set up a new production site in Vietnam and build a backend assembly plant in India, the Taiwan-based network switch specialist has said, as it moves to...
Wednesday 8 June 2022
Network device makers guardedly optimistic about 2H22
Network device manufacturers including Accton Technology, Sercomm and Arcadyan Technology saw their May revenues rebound with sequential increases, and are guardedly optimistic about...
Tuesday 12 April 2022
Taiwan networking device makers remain upbeat about 2022
Taiwan-based networking device makers, including Sercomm, Arcadyan and Accton Technology, remain upbeat about their sales this year, as they still enjoy brisk order visibility despite...
Friday 25 March 2022
Network devices overbooking fallouts likely to surface in 2H22
Consequences of network devices overbooking by clients may start to surface in the second half of 2022, when shortages of chips and components as well as logistic problems are expected...
Wednesday 16 March 2022
Accton sees 10% output affected by COVID lockdown in Shenzhen
Network switch specialist Accton Technology has suspended production in Shenzhen to comply with coronavirus lockdown measures in the Chinese city, and expects the event to affect...
Monday 14 February 2022
Network equipment vendors poised to be doing well in 2022
Taiwan's network equipment suppliers including Sercom and Accton Technology are expected to embrace a strong 2022 as they got off the year to a good start with impressive revenue...
Thursday 6 January 2022
Networking device makers see chip shortage persisting
Taiwan's networking device makers including Sercomm, Arcadyan Technology, Gemtek Technology and Accton Technology continue to encounter chip shortages with delivery lead times for...
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