Tuesday 10 September 2013
Digitimes Research: LED edge-lit 50-inch and above size LCD TV panels in high demand
Taiwan panel makers are continuing to focus more on LED edge-lit 50-inch and above size LCD TV panels in order to allow vendors to make thinner and lighter TV units, according to...
Friday 16 August 2013
Taiwan market: Chunghwa Telecom offers 50-inch Ultra HD TV for contract-bundled sale
Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) on August 15 announced cooperation with Chimei to offer a 50-inch Ultra HD TV for sale at NT$33,990 (US$1,133) when bundled with a 3-year MOD contract of NT$299...
Tuesday 11 June 2013
50-inch Ultra HD TV panels to drop to US$510 in June
Taiwan-based panel makers' low-cost 50-inch Ultra HD TV panels are expected to drop in pricing from US$540 to US$510 in June 2013, according to industry sources.
Friday 12 April 2013
Taiwan market: Tsann Kuen to launch affordable 50-inch LED TV
Tsann Kuen, a large IT and consumer electronics retail chain in Taiwan, will launch a 50-inch direct-type LED-backlit LCD TV under its own brand Fujimaru in the Taiwan market at NT$19,900...
Tuesday 29 January 2013
China market: Proportion of 50-inch and above TVs expected to increase during 2013
China-based TV vendors are reportedly bumping up their development of 50-inch and above TV units as the proportion of consumers purchasing 50-inch-plus sized TVs in China is expected...
Wednesday 16 January 2013
Taiwan market: BenQ hopes to bump up shipments proportion of 50-inch and above TVs
BenQ hopes to bump up its shipments proportion of 50-inch and above size flat screen TVs to 15% or 120,000 units in 2013 in line with expected demand, according to industry sources...
Tuesday 27 November 2012
TV replacement demand stimulated by price drops
TV replacement demand has been stimulated by the rapid fall in LCD TV prices. In addition, the depreciation of the Japanese yen has also given Japan-based vendors more flexibility...
Tuesday 2 October 2012
China market: 50-inch flat screen TVs drop below CNY5,000 in holiday promotion
Vendors and retail chains in the China market have launched pricing campaigns to promote flat screen TVs during the 8-day National Day holiday period beginning September 30, with...
Friday 14 September 2012
Proportion of 50-inch and above LCD TVs to increase in 2013, says Digitimes Research
The proportion of overall LCD TV sales for TVs sized 50-inch and above is expected to increase from 5% in 2012 to as high as 15% in 2013 due to decreasing prices, according to figures...
Friday 7 September 2012
Taiwan-based panel makers are still the main providers of TV panels for China-based TV vendors
Taiwan-based panel makers are still maintaining their positions as the main TV panel providers for China-based TV vendors. This is because of the panel makers' increased cooperation...
Monday 27 August 2012
Chimei Materials focuses on polarizing films for 50-inch TV panel products
Chimei Materials is looking to bump up its profits in the second half of this year by providing polarzing films for use in 50-inch TV panels, according to industry sources.
Wednesday 25 July 2012
Chimei Materials to release new products in 4Q12
Chimei Innolux's (CMI) new 39- and 50-inch panels are seeing increasing sales, giving its polarizer supplier, Chimei Materials, a bump in revenues along with motivation to release...
Wednesday 18 January 2012
Panel makers hope new 39- and 50-inch products will spur demand
Panel makers have been anticipating new sizes such as 39- and 50-inch panels that were introduced in December 2011. Panel makers believe the two new sizes of panels will have shipments...
Wednesday 11 January 2012
Digitimes Research: 39-, 50-inch TV panels to gain market acceptance
New LCD TV sets for 2012 will come in a number of new screen sizes including 36.5-, 39-, 43-, 48- and 50-inch, as suppliers seek to make their products stand out amongst their numerous...
Thursday 5 January 2012
Taiwan market: Chimei, BenQ to roll out 50-inch LCD TVs in 2Q12
Taiwan-based branded TV vendors Chimei and BenQ both will launch 50-inch LCD TVs in the second quarter of 2012. Additionally, BenQ also plans to promote 39-inch models in the second...