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Monica Chen, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Asia
Tuesday 27 March 2007
  • Posted on Jun 28, 15:30

    Wii is good fun but in the long run it can't hold as a there are superior games machines out there and when the games start getting boring and the controller no fun no more then Sony will take most of the market.
  • Posted on Apr 26, 11:35

    Part 3- People should be happy for PS3 for having Blu-ray, backwards compatibility, 20GB-60GB HDD, and more. Just be patient with the games released and understand what they did was a corporate move, not really intended for full consumer use!
  • Posted on Apr 26, 11:32

    Part 2- Sony charges $600 because of the release of Blu-ray. They released because they had a finished product and didn't want to miss the busiest holiday season. So what they lost the race, at least they made their bottom line. Other Blu-ray=$500-$1000
  • Posted on Apr 26, 11:29

    Part 1- Can everyone stop saying the companies are greedy. Each company has a bottom line with investors breathing down their necks. Nintendo makes changes not to protect their investment but to make the game developing companies happy.
  • Posted on Apr 1, 18:26

    I don't see the point in arguing over which console is best etc. Wait until xmas 2007 to see a truer picture of the situation...
  • Posted on Apr 1, 11:52

    I have the Wii, 360, and PS3. I much prefer the PS3.

    Why? High resolution, high definition graphics, great backward compatibility, ability to run Linux, and nice light controllers (that are rechargeable).
  • Posted on Mar 30, 22:37

    I have all three: Wii, XBox 360 and PS3. I'd say Wii probably provide the best fun/price ratio since it has good games for whole family with a reasonable price. I also like PS3 as a High-Def movie player. Just a bit disappointed with lack of games.
  • Posted on Mar 30, 05:07

    I'm the 1st to say Sony is great, I own the PS, PS2, a big screen TV, DVD player, A/V unit, I've minidisc and my car audio was all Sony at one time, they make great products IMO.

    However, I think they messed up with the PS3, cost way too much.
  • Posted on Mar 29, 16:52

    Wii is cool... PS3 boooo....
  • Posted on Mar 29, 10:40

    ^^ LMAO....

    Oddly the "rubbish" system is selling several times more than the "Superior" PS3 :D
  • Posted on Mar 29, 09:09

    I love sony. Hope they win the race.
  • Posted on Mar 29, 02:35

    Talk about flamers and trolls... Reality is, Wii with 2-3 games 2 controllers and nunchucks, component cables and 2-3 VC titles is a lot cheaper than a PS3 with 2 controllers 1-2 games and... I don't think you'll have anymore money....
  • Posted on Mar 29, 01:32

    Well we are not here to discuss which one is the best (it's Wii anyway) and there are no "evil" companies, they want money (it's the objective) and Nintendo has the right to protect the Wii.

    Wii is the best!!
    Sony is evil!!!
  • Posted on Mar 29, 00:44

    Oh my god. "PS3 4ever" "Fanboy".

    Dudes, get a life. Yes, I game to, but I also have a life and I don't worry the whole day if my favorite games console will win the war.
  • Posted on Mar 28, 07:00

    Well Nintendo has sold more "Gamecubes with a remote" than than Sony and Microsoft have PS3s and 360s.
  • Posted on Mar 28, 06:44

    Haha, you forget that the modchips are mostly for playing backup games. Sony would take the opportunity to lock modchips out in the same situation.

    The Wii is hardly a Gamecube with a remote. Get your facts right, fanboy.
  • Posted on Mar 28, 06:40

    Oh boy, fanboys are every where these days
    Nintendo is just as evil as Microsoft and Sony
    It's business.
    It is normal.
    It has been since the dawn of time.
    Get the over it
    Complaining never helped.
  • Posted on Mar 28, 06:14

    Very constructive comments. Congratulations..

    Don't call them evil or greedy. It's an expected move from Nintendo. They obviously need to try to protect their incomes. As Sony and Microsoft did for years.
  • Posted on Mar 28, 05:17

    And the two people who posted below are complete blathering idiots. First thing, the Wii is not simply a Gamecube. Ever heard of OpenGL 2.1? And why, exactly, should VC be free? Explain that please.
  • Posted on Mar 28, 04:55 are dead wrong.

    The PS3 is a MASSIVE FAILURE. No amount of whatever Sony does will bring this back.

    Face the facts JACK. Sony is going under. And the world will be a MUCH better place.

  • Posted on Mar 28, 04:23

    Oooh the master of over-broad statements, exaggerations and lies....And the PS3 is 600 dollars for something that is the same old rubbish.
  • Posted on Mar 28, 04:11

    Here's the thing. If you don't like it, don't buy it. The fact that you still can't buy one in stores shows just how good the system is. The PS3 will be 3rd in this generation of consoles.
  • Posted on Mar 28, 04:09

    Oh yes, of course. Sony is by no means an evil corporation. In fact, they absolutely HATE money in all forms (money is the root of all evil). They're also certainly justified in charging $600 for a game machine that has no games.
  • Posted on Mar 28, 02:56

    The Wii is still the best console out so far, not the best graphics, but graphics aren't what you play games for. You play a game for it's experience. Graphics are only a small part. Nintendo has made a whole new experience.

    Wii Forever :3
  • Posted on Mar 28, 02:53

    Nintendo is so greedy. I think I should get 4 remotes and the price should be $99. I've a family to feed and they're starving thanks to Nintendo (I sneak beef jerky at work to keep up my strength). My youngest son can barely hold the remote - so weak
  • Posted on Mar 28, 02:46

    Yeah, you guys are definitely right. What right has Nintendo to protect itself from hackers? They should go to work for free and provide us with whatever we want. Stupid money lovers. (Hey, if you don't think the stuff is worth it, don't buy it.)
  • Posted on Mar 28, 00:58

    Whoever posted that comment needs to get a life. Sony is the only money obsessed and corrupt company that would charge $600 for pieces of trash like the PS3 and PSP which have no games. Wii though, can play games from 10 consoles.
  • Posted on Mar 28, 00:48

    That's the pot calling the kettle black. I own a PS3, and I must say that it's much more of a rip off. $600 + all the accessories for what....Resistance Fall of Man? Come on. And Microsoft charges for their classic/arcade games too, I believe. Get real.
  • Posted on Mar 28, 00:24

    "I agree, Nintendo is an evil corporation."

    PS3 = $599 VS Wii = $249

    Who's more money loving, or evil again?
  • Posted on Mar 28, 00:20

    "I agree, Nintendo is an evil corporation.

    PS3 4ever"

  • Posted on Mar 28, 00:17

    PS3 Never
  • Posted on Mar 27, 23:24

    Please, like Microsoft and Sony don't try to do the same sort of things. I'm happy with my Wii and $250 is very reasonable price for what it offers. Any of my real games I play on the PC anyways, so its a win-win situation for me.
  • Posted on Mar 27, 23:03

    And yet, Nintendo is outselling all you fanboy's systems.
  • Posted on Mar 27, 22:34

    You sir are a fanboy
  • Posted on Mar 27, 22:16

    Are we sure Nintendo have done it to block mod chips? Surely it could just be a redesign?
  • Posted on Mar 27, 21:48

    hahahahaheehee...oh, heh ... haha

    Thanks for the laugh. "import games" is a great line, you almost had me... at least be honest about what you're doing. you still wouldn't have respect, but at least you'd be honest...
  • Posted on Mar 27, 20:58

    If Nintendo is an evil corporation, then Sony is the Devil incarnate. Sony has incorporated at least TWICE the amount of circuit (un)circumvention techniques and run-time code to prevent modchips for the PS3. Think before you type, child.
  • Posted on Mar 27, 19:09

    Ha-ha, very funny. Sonyboyzz are everywhere.
  • Posted on Mar 27, 18:12

    I agree, Nintendo is an evil corporation.

    PS3 4ever
  • Posted on Mar 27, 15:15

    Nintendo is a money loving company, they are charging $250 for a Gamecube with a remote. They are ripping people off with their Virtual Console which really should be free. Now they don't want people to play import games on their rubbish system.
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