Commercial use cases of Vision Pro highlight its potential for corporations

Cui-shan Tu, Taipei; Jack Wu, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Credit: AFP

With a retail price of US$3,500, it may be difficult for the Apple Vision Pro to dominate the consumer market.

However, three months after its launch, it has become the key to unlocking optimized workflows for many businesses. Several innovative commercial use cases have confirmed Vision Pro's significant impact on the corporate market.

According to a report by ZDNet, major software suppliers like Microsoft, Adobe, and Cisco have optimized their platforms for Vision Pro, aiming to provide users with a better experience when interacting, collaborating, and sharing content within the visionOS system. Many Fortune 500 companies have already started using the spatial computing and virtual environments provided by Vision Pro for training, communication, and workflow improvement.

SAP Analytics Cloud, commonly used by corporations for collecting, analyzing, and presenting business performance data, is one of the first corporate services to introduce its Vision Pro App. Through spatial computing, SAP Analytics Cloud's Vision Pro App can present data dashboards and charts in a more interactive and modular manner compared to traditional PC and smartphone screens, helping businesses unearth new insights from complex data.

Porsche has also developed a Race Engineer App for Vision Pro, which presents data such as car speed, braking, and track conditions to engineers and team members to assess the vehicle's condition. With Race Engineer's ability to open multiple windows simultaneously, engineers can display the vehicle's real-time dashboard imagery during races.

NVIDIA's Omniverse Cloud is a vital tool for developers, designers, and engineers to build digital twin applications and recreate complex data simulations. Coupled with Vision Pro's high-resolution display and eye and hand-tracking sensors, Omniverse Cloud can leverage its full potential to assist companies in testing and sharing new designs.

Besides data visualization, corporations like KLM Royal Dutch Airlines have also utilized Vision Pro in employee training. The technical staff can learn and improve their maintenance and repair skills while maintaining normal operations through simulations.

Construction engineers often need to handle multiple types of construction orders simultaneously. Resolve App replaces static paper drawings with 3D models and more interactive visual effects, allowing engineers to better understand the engineering demands across different areas.

Nevertheless, there are still some issues Apple needs to address for Vision Pro to see widespread adoption in corporate applications, such as long setup preparation time and durability in industrial environments.