Taipei AMPA 2024, reshaping Taiwan automotive industry with focus on sustainability, innovation, safety and international connection

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With net zero carbon emissions becoming a global commitment, an automotive industry revolution gets well underway. TAIPEI AMPA and AUTOTRONICS TAIPEI 2024 will take place April 17-20 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 (TaiNEX 1) in concurrence with 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan at the same venue. The three joint exhibitions will cast a spotlight on Taiwan's all-round automotive industry ecosystem as well as local and foreign iconic manufacturers' product roadmaps and technological strengths to help event participants capture next-generation mobility market opportunities.

Already a key event catching the attention of the global automotive industry as well as the mobility technology sector, TAIPEI AMPA and the joint exhibitions will gather close to 1,000 exhibitors hosting 2,700 booths. Centered on "RE:SHAPING THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY," the event will focus on four themes: "RE:DUCE," "RE:THINK," "RE:SECURE" and "RE:CONNECT." Not only will visitors gain a perspective on international industry trends but they will also see how Taiwan's innovations and achievements give a new look and feel to automobiles and motorcycles.

RE:DUCE – a look into the automotive industry's carbon reduction and sustainable development strategies

With ESG being at the center of the automotive industry's attention, leading automakers growingly choose to work with partners that make ESG a priority. In response to the trend, Taiwan-based manufacturers are also making efforts toward carbon reduction and sustainable development so as to capture preemptive green supply chain opportunities. Continuing to promote ESG, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), organizer of TAIPEI AMPA and the joint exhibitions, will set up an alternative fuel vehicles and solutions pavilion at this year's event for hydrogen cars and new energy vehicle components. The aim is to uncover the development potential of clean energy sources for vehicles. Moreover, TAITRA also has a series of "ESG Achievement" activities planned, including the awarding of "Golden ESG Achievement" and "Green ESG Achievement" marks to exhibitors showing noteworthy EGS actions. There will also be a platform for companies to share their sustainable development strategies and accomplishments, allowing visibility on the mobility industry's efforts and commitments toward sustainability and carbon neutrality.

RE:THINK – a grasp on the latest international trend

Automotive industry transformation is something of great urgency as cars go electric and get smart. To help the industry prepare for the impact, TAITRA will hold an international forum during the event period. Keynote speakers from home and abroad will shed light on the development trends of automotive safety systems and new energy cars. There will also be an abundance of event activities. For example, the "guided tour" activity will have industry specialists or key opinion leaders (KOL) guide visitors on a tour of the exhibitions. The tours will be planned based on industry backgrounds to allow visitors to instantly grasp the key products and technologies at the exhibitions while broadening and deepening their understanding.

RE:SECURE – a search for new automotive safety solutions

Continuing automotive technology advances and supply chain changes introduce never-before-seen challenges to safety – the core of mobility. In line with the "RE:SECURE" theme, which highlights road and vehicle safety, an automotive safety equipment and system pavilion will be set up at the event, showcasing active and passive safety systems as well as solutions from iconic automotive cybersecurity firms. There will also be an automotive safety consultation service booth to help companies understand new generation automotive safety regulations and critical issues.

RE:CONNECT – a reinvention of a value chain for the future mobility era

Burgeoning ICT developments allow automotive systems to incorporate more and more innovative materials and technologies. Procurement meetings between the traditional automotive industry and various industries have become a new business model. At this year's event, procurement meetings will more actively bridge exhibitors and international buyers, accelerating their connection with the global industry ecosystem and helping them tap worldwide opportunities. Vehicle modification is an art form that makes use of automotive components. The "Speed & Crafts" special exhibition will showcase winners of the motorcycle modification contest and present Taiwan's state-of-the-art modification craftsmanship. "Talent Transistors" will match young talents seeking career opportunities in the industry with potential employers, helping drive talent flow and boost market competitiveness.

A global-scale mobility event for an all-round automotive industry ecosystem

An automotive industry revolution driven by sustainability, smartization and safety is well underway. Joint industry-government-academia efforts worldwide will speed up the revolution. The TAIPEI AMPA, AUTOTRONICS TAIPEI and 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan 2024 event will cast a spotlight on the new global supply chain and shape a 360º mobility ecosystem. Visitors of the event will explore cutting-edge automotive industry developments.

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TAIPEI AMPA, AUTOTRONICS TAIPEI and 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan 2024 – an annual global-scale automotive industry event. (TAITRA)

TAIPEI AMPA, AUTOTRONICS TAIPEI and 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan 2024 – an annual global-scale automotive industry event