Suruga Seiki optimistic about silicon photonics market

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At the 2023 Taiwan-Netherlands innovation cooperation conference hosted by the Netherlands Office in Taipei, one of the co-organizers, Japan-based Suruga Seiki, expressed optimism for cooperation potential.

Suruga Seiki APAC & Taiwan President Alex Wu mentioned that "it's very exciting to see the EIC (electronics IC) and PIC (photonics IC) finally meet up with each other at a heterogeneous advanced package which applied to silicon photonics CPO (co-package optics), optical I/O, and optical interconnector for AI server, quantum computing, and bio sensor."

The industry endeavor and AI rush demands have been expediting silicon photonics development. The efforts from EIC/PIC industries, associations, academy and governments are also facilitating the progress, the silicon photonics ecosystem is gradually enhanced and becoming practical, said Wu.

Suruga Seiki is the leading company that provides cutting edge technology on silicon photonics testing and package by its high precision motion control.

Some of the KSF (key success factors) are from H/W system to S/W algorithm, through key components, module, to entire system 100% design and made by in-house. The global value chain and partners also team up with Suruga Taiwan & APAC to service customer demands and requirements from R&D to mass production ramp-up.

In addition to work with Taiwanese partners as a long-term strategy, Suruga Seiki Taiwan is one of the contributors leveraging Dutch photonics chip design innovation as well as Taiwan's solid CMOS process technology and high efficiency supply chain.

When it comes to applications, Wu noted that silicon photonics technology can be comprehensively utilized for data center, AI/ML HPC (high performance computing), and bio-photonics sensor to improve communication speed/bandwidth issues, power consumption, AI ultra speed computing , healthcare prediction, and ESG.

"We are confident the Neitherlands, Taiwan and Japan technology synergy will initiate a new chapter of silicon photonics," said Wu.

Suruga Seiki was established in 1964, a solution provider focusing on opto-mechatronics integration including silicon photonics active alignment, smartphone and automotive camera module lens inspection, auto aligner system for silicon/compound wafer probe card pin insertion, advanced package, and metaverse wearable device optical inspection.

Wu also indicated that his team member, CTO Hevin Yu and him have cultivated and dedicated on silicon photonics fields for several years, sparing no efforts to meet partner requirements.

Suruga Seiki APAC & Taiwan President Alex Wu

Suruga Seiki APAC & Taiwan President Alex Wu